February 26, 2012


A month, thousands of tweets, hundreds of posts, a few articles and numerous memories later - we miss you. As much as that first day. As much as we ever had.

Now as some time has passed us by I know a few things for sure. There are 2 people who will never really move on from you. There are a few who will care as much as they cared before - zilch. There is that one whom I will never forgive. Because when you share houses, you share lives as well. When you can't be strong enough to be around during the worst times, you don't mean much anyways. There are a handful who will keep restoring your faith in love, life & friends.

Amongst other things, I am coming back from a weekend trip to my hometown right now. I like how life comes to full stop at home. I'm addicted to that feeling. Therefore it's obvious that I feel an overwhelming surge of sadness when I leave. I want to spend more time with my folks, talk to them a lot more, listen to them, be with them. I hate how parents have stopped being a part of my everyday life. We need to be more available to each other!

There must be a way to be at 3 places at the same time. With Mr B, with the folks & at Vegas ...preferably in a casino... winning money.

February 14, 2012

Pro-Adele, Oh Whitney & Love Games

Tell me you watched the Grammys and was almost as excited as Adele at the way she OWNED the Grammys. I’m mighty glad that the Gagas and Biebers did not take over. On second thoughts, they couldn’t have. Adele’s so “real” it’s hard not to connect with her. Her non-lip synching & non-auto tuned flawless voice is her biggest asset. Apart from the fact that she actually sends out the message that you don’t need to conform and be anorexic, skimpily clad to out-shine everybody in show-business. While the industry buzzed with how REAL music won that night… they also mourned the legend that was Whitney.

The reason I loved, loved, loved Whitney was that…one of my first memories that involve music was this cassette Mum had. Album name: Whitney Houston. So like most people I know, “I will always love you” was not the only Whitney song I heard, though I did love it to bits. The Whitney love never went away. The day I discovered “I will always love you” was the day my dad almost contemplated giving me up. I would sing it everywhere – home, bathroom, classroom, lunch break,  playground – think it & that place would have heard me sing. Aloud. Finally a month or so later my older cousin had to sit me down and say “I hate to break this to you but you’re NOT Whitney Houston!” So I stopped singing. Aloud. But inside my head? I was singing in front of a packed audience. Everywhere.

I hate what she got reduced to. The drug abuse, the erratic public appearances, the cancelled shows and everything she was not. I’m sure, now, she’s back to being the Gospel singer’s daughter who had a voice that could only be God’s special blessing.

In other things, Today is Valentine’s Day. (Guffaw).

Yes, I hate “celebrating” any part of it. I wouldn’t for the life of me, buy you a gift and take you out on dinner. Last time this year, I remember we were crazy broke. So I just took a printer paper and wrote “happy valentine’s day” and made some nonsensical drawing. B did the same. We were happy, content. Not because we didn’t expect a big surprise or something extravagant. But mainly because we did expect anything at all. Luckily for both of us, we loathed the idea of “celebrating” this day equally. Well, maybe B’s loathing is a degree or two more.

However, I find it very hard to be cynical towards this day. I mean how can you be disgusted with so much love all around -  couple coo-ing at each other, candle light dinners, walking with that silly smile. C’mon it’s nice in a weird way. And let’s admit it. We are a busy breed and maybe having one day to remind yourself to be nice…why not? To each his own, right? So what I’m saying is you will never find a post on how commercialism is ruling our lives through valentine’s day or how corporates are making money off common people just because of this day on this blog. Ever. Because, frankly, there are bigger problems than shooing kids off the streets or banning Hallmark cards.
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