September 27, 2011

"Happy Birthday, B!", Toy For My Boy & Free Stuff

Yesterday, was B's birthday! I had planned a million things - but as they say 'Man Proposes and God Disposes.' But it was fun anyway! Happy Birthday, B!

Actually September has always been a flurry of birthdays for me...and a nightmare for my pocket money > summer job salary > salary account. Mom, dad, bro, Rock, Upasana/Roomie/Hater, Bestie (A), B...phew, you see what I mean? 

Also, the only thing that went according to plan was the gift. I decided that big boy needed a sophisticated toy. All of us got together to give him exactly what he wanted. The glee on his face when he opened the gift wrap on it - priceless!
Unwrapping In Progress!

Too Much Love For The PS3
However, the birthday ended with a dance on this song. I love how fancy B can be sometimes and how good he is with the jive.

Also, like a week back we got these really cool Camelbak sippers. B and I carried it out everywhere, no really, i mean everywhere! And we made promises like we will drink 2/3 litres of water everyday. It took him exactly 5 days to lose that bottle. Easy come, easy go.

September 19, 2011

How To Fall In Love (And Be A Woman)

Sometimes when you're in a relationship for a long time and everything's hunky dory you forget that when a relationship ends how earth shattering it can be for you or anyone else.

Until someone you care about gets thrown into the vicious whirlpool of breaking up and recovering and all your forgotten pain comes to the fore because you know how tough they're having it right now. I meant to write this a while back (but you know how I can procrastinate!) - So, M, Eno and U this is for you (whenever you think the world's crashing around you):

Being a tough independent fun woman is a full time job. You're doing your thing, keeping your life sane, paying your bills... you don't count on falling in love but you do and if you've had something going you take pride in how well you balance your life.

Share your life and living space with the one. Put all your energy in maintaining that perfect balance. Give up and make your relationship your priority.  Forget to set boundaries. Lose yourself.

You break up. Sometimes its you and sometimes it's the other person. But you always blame your self. Because that's what you do best. Cry. Make calls at 2 AM. Attempt to form sentences when nothing comes to mind. Attempt to understand the situation in vain. Hate yourself for being so pathetic. Hate yourself more for not stopping this behavior. Try to bring some semblance into your life.

Put your self back together. Go on a misson to discover yourself because you really don't remember what it is like to be just you, truly only you. Eat too much. Then eat too less to compensate. Almost dial his number every 5 mins. Write emails to him. Suggest you should be 'just friends.' Cry when he says its too early. Sigh, because you know he was right.

Try to get over him for once and for all. Realize, you may never be truly over him. Almost murder people who say 'Time heals all wounds.' Truly madly deeply hate the person who coined the phrase - whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Look at the calendar and applaud yourself (mentally, of course) when you realize that it IS possible for you to not talk to him for 2 weeks straight. And you don't need Rehab after all. Throw yourself a party. Get pissed drunk. Drunk dial him. Hate yourself in the morning. Cry to make yourself feel better.

Start noticing men who are not good for you. Hell, who are probably not good for anyone at all. Like the attention all these men give you. Agree to coffee dates. Be flirtatious. Dial it up a notch when you realize they don't want anything from you. Cry when it's over. Except this time, these tears are not of acute sadness.

You've found yourself. You know who you are. The confidence, the independence and the fun that was the basic you is back. You no more walk into a room full of people and feel awkward because he isn't there to quickly come and hold you around the waist or land a peck on your cheek. Life's back on track

The point is - this will always be a wicked ride. You'll make a few mistakes in the path to recovery, however, these are not mistakes you'll ever repent because they helped you find YOU. And all the people who told you that time heals all wounds... were not on crack.

September 18, 2011

Curve Ball Or Dodge Ball

I'm tired of serious posts & I'm tired of Life playing the serious card right now. And like I promised myself way back - be it curve balls or dodge balls I'm going to keep it light. Because there isn't enough time to sit and repent and/or sulk.

So, a few days back when all my work related BS started, I let myself be bogged down. I'll be honest, I considering going on an evil manslaughter spree (with a borrowed .45) in the office and then finally jump from the 15th floor of the building. I'm not sure, if there is a terrace up there but I would've figured that out when I got there. But soon it dawned on me that all this is pointless. So I just proceeded to read this article on 'how to disagree with your boss.' And the only piece of useful advice the whole WikiHow article had was - Remember, ultimately they are the boss.

Then I realized that this shouldn't be a biggie for me. I'll figure things out, like always. And with B (he really does make a lot of sense most of the time) this should be easier. Figuring things out that is. And well, at least I haven't lost a limb or a loved one or I didn't fall of a building (though I did contemplate it) or I'm not ugly and I don't have body odor or ugly body rashes. 

And then A told me - Dude, who're you kidding?! Remember that dry spell that lasted 2 years? Remember the time when you didn't date for those 2 years? Or remember the time when you decided to go into a long distance relationship with an Arab guy you hardly knew?! Or the time you couldn't eat for 10 days because of your freakking wisdom tooth that never came out! Suck it up, P!

Ahhh, sometimes, all you need is some perspective. And yes, I've had bigger problems in life.

September 16, 2011

A Heart Without Words

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.~ MK Gandhi

Not much of a believer, but I do have faith. Faith in the strength that we all have inside to live through whatever life throws at us. After all Life doesn't throw at us things we cannot handle.

September 13, 2011

Hip To My Heart

I don't know anyone who will color one wall of his room purple just because I lurve purple.

I don't know anyone who will buy 4 seasons of Scrubs DVD, just so I could keep my mind off things, which otherwise would drive me insane.

You bring hip to my heart, B!

September 12, 2011

Good Monday, Nice Monday

For the first time in MY WHOLE LIFE...I won something. That too, on a Monday! Goog boy, monday :)

It's this really cool backpacking trip organizer team The Backpacker Co. It really is my dream job to be there, to conduct those tours. Blissful.
Anyway, they had this contest going on via Twitter () : 10 questions. First correct answers win a Backpacker T-shirt. Ofcourse I managed to answer correctly at least one question (those tweeples are too damn fast!)

This Monday wasn't too bad, I guess

Oh, and your music dose for today :) (Party Up)

September 8, 2011

ABCs Of My Life

Quote of the day:

I've heard her called a quitter for leaving, an aimless wanderer. But not all who wander are aimless
~Mona Lisa Smile


A is for amazing muscle memory - Even when I've changed my phone twice in the last 2 years and don't have someone's (who was important to me) number stored I can still dial that number. Again,  Amazing muscle memory.

B is for Brain - My Brain only lets me focus on one thing for say 10 mins. Max! In the middle of some important work it'll throw me off with something like "Do you know you haven't talked to your college room mate in almost Two years?! What do you think you should do?" That spells the end of a really productive morning. 

C is for cold - It could be bang in the middle of the summers. But if the AC is on I will still feel cold after 2 hours in the room.

D is for Delays - It's hard, like put-a-gun-to-my-head-and-I-won't-do-it hard, for me to wake up on time in the morning. For work. On the rare occasion that I do, the universe conspires to make sure I still reach work after 9:30. Today it was a flat tyre. 

E is for emoticons - I use emoticons atleast 15 times in a 5 min conversation. Not when I'm writing though.

F is for (bwahahahha) Fucker - favorite cuss word. Actually it's motherfucker - but M is too down in the alphabetic order.

G is for green tea - Green Tea sucks ass. I'm going to have it anyway. Somebody told me it's good for the waistline, dammit.

September 7, 2011

Wednesday Wonders : The Red Door!

So, I told you there was something interesting coming up for you guys!

I handpicked some of the most funniest, insightful, silly, ridic or even 'serious' blogs for ALL 55 OF YOU that visit me everyday (or so I like to believe) so that you can see, read and appreciate some bloggers that I really love and adore and genuinely enjoy. I asked them about their blogs and threw at them some random questions and rapidfire round as well. This was definitely the funnest part - getting to know them a little better. And the first one in this series is Sweta from The Red Door.

My Two Cents (Or more)

Well, she's a cutie. You'd read her blog and go 'aww' or 'yea! I know! that, exactly'- if you're from Calcutta. She believes 'Calcutta' is whole lot cooler name than 'Kolkata' and can hold her poison (I think it's vodka, she blogs a lot about vodka). And she can churn up a mean blog design, he stuff is whack, yo! Ok, nuff said, read up now.

Getting To Know Sweta

The Customary 'About You':

Hi I'm Sweta and I'm pretty much awesome.I have been blogging since 2008,but not on the same blog.I'm notorious for disappearing with trails.I'm from Calcutta(so much cooler than Kolkata) where the food and the auto rides are cheaper and better.I LOVE reading and that influenced my choice of grad subject-English lit.I pretty much change my blog couture once in-well,always.When it started to get annoying I decided to start a blog design business.My blog is mainly about writing(the kind people don't read.observation:I tend to get more comments when I only post pictures.I take it as a personal insult sometimes.Othertimes,nay.who cares?!I got comments!).I love making new friends(not particularly) and I would love it if you dropped by(particularly,yes).And I would like to thank Pooja for featuring me!She made me feel like a celebrity.In my book that calls for 5 martinis and limo ride.<3

Tell Me More, I Say!

1. Do you like cuddling? 
Of course!It's like nimbu pani to my vodka.

2. If you were a superhero, which one would you be?
One with the nice(and assuming natural boobs) Wonderwoman?No I'd rather be tintin.I'm saving the world and not getting spandex rashes.That's a win-win.

3. Favorite Cuss Word :
diddlyf*cksonofabitch.Yes I always use that.No abbreviations.

4. What do you think of supersonic jets?
I like them.

5. When was the last time you laughed so hard that you almost pee'd your pants, dammit!:
Every time.Every.Damn.Time.

6. What's your favorite excuse for anything at all?
I'm honest and kind of a bitch.So I say "I didn't do it cos I don't like it" I tried that with my father.I suggest you don't.

7. When was the last time you defied Death?!
Last week.I'm a klutz and I keep falling.On the road.From buses,autos,from my own feet.The last time was a banana peel.

8. Word(s) that make you squirm!:
Smooch.(Use: Omg you have a new boyfriend.Did you guys smooch?<--you'll get punched),hubby,superlike(this is like wildfire),snap(like photos),"Will you make frandship with me?"(who hasn't got this in orkut/fb?)

9. Best part of the day for you?
Late evening \m/ blogging,t.v shows,catching up.

Rapid Fire (Gotcha!)

dog or cat - dogs!What the diddlyfucksonofabitch use is a cat?
tea or coffee - lemon tea and black coffee.
cute guy or gay friend - I've had cute guys.I've never had a gay,the latter.
planes or trains - trains with clean bathrooms.
dawn or midnight - midnight for movies.Dawn for photography :)
online or offline - selectively online ;)
favorite song - It changes.But right now-I will Follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie
favorite movie - Never let me go-a british drama based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro.
favorite book - The Kiterunner.First book that made me cry.
rock or pop - Rock.But pop is my guilty pleasure.ra-ra GagaGAAA.If I don't stop I'll be forced to Get another boyfriend.
music or sports - music.I was a fat kid who loved her cake and wouldn't get off her ass.
chocolate or vanilla - chocolate!dad alleges I would eat even mud because i like the colour brown.I assure you that's wrong. kinda.

Thankee Sweta! Now, all you lovely people, gooooo visit her HERE!

September 5, 2011

A Rant, A Love, A Movie ~ Times They Are A-Changin'

So, ok, I understand I'm a bawler, never too far away from shedding a tear or two but very few things actually make me question myself and keep me down for a prolonged time. It's one of those times. Something is going on (but, something is always going on with me) and I'm having quite a tough time dealing with it. And what's scarier is that bit by bit it's making a dent in my confidence. About time, I bounced back.


But it's difficult to be down and out when you've got someone like B.

'You're the craziest, smartest, funniest, most intelligent girl I have ever met in my life. And I really mean it, I'm not just saying.' And then goes ahead and watches Scrubs with me till 2 AM hoping it would cheer me up.
And, out of all the days, Eno (Heena) pings me on a Monday morning with that new Eminem song and does her virtual drool. And M tells me I shouldn't be shouting via my status message (somebody stole my headphones, yo) because whoever took my headphones will now be scared to return them to me. And then I sit back and start working, knowing no matter what happens there are some people who will always find me smart, funny, attractive (read: Mr. B) and some friends who will always drool over Channing Tatum and Eminen with me (Read: Eno) or one who will always play 'who's got the better smart-ass comment' with me (Read: M).


On Sunday evening, for the first time in a really long time I sat alone in a room watching Bridget Jones' Diary on TV. I haven't done that in a long time. In fact, I haven't done that since exactly last September (2010). It was deja vu and weird all in the same go. My single life was full of sunday nights watching some major chick flick. Bridget Jones featured quite a few times. I think I even have some of the dialogues memorized. And I knew where I would feel like crying. I knew which scene in the movie would make me bawl my eyes out. And still I'd cry when those scenes came. But yesterday was different. I mean I still felt the familiar surge of tears welling up inside me when Bridget ran out in the cold hardly wearing the appropriate clothes but somehow I wasn't trying to identify myself in her and I wasn't reaching for a box tissues neither was I curled up in my bed ready to sleep with the TV on, alone in my place. For starters, I didn't identify with her, at all. I didn't need those tissues because as soon as the tears slid down, B walked in, aghast, "It's a mooooovie!" And all I had to do was walk into the other room and see B sprawled all over the bed to know I'm not alone. Change is awesome. Change is good.

And times they are a-changing.

Paying It Forward

OK, so here's what's coming up for all you in the blog-universe.

So, I decided to feature a new blog every alternate week just to add some spice. And anyway I know such funny, witty, emotional and awesome bloggers that I feel the need to share the love.

Paying It Forward. Giving Back. We were taught this in our school. Basically, means the love you receive should always be forwarded (not like in an email, silly) and given back with the same intensity. That's what makes the world go round.

And, anyways, there is a funny joy you feel when your favorite bloggers post something that you can almost picture them in your head. So, I'm going to tell you about these amazing bloggers, a couple of posts of theirs that I adorrrrre and I have a questionnaire thrown in there as well, just so you can get to know them a little better. :-)

Just to warn you a lot of them are like me or my friends - so they are going to be stupid, funny, ridiculous, silly and awesome all at the same time.

September 4, 2011


Today is my first tattoo-versary!

Yay! One year since I got that awe-fucking-some tattoo. I remember the day as clear as yesterday - Eno & M were there backing me all the way. I thought I'll scream and faint and raise hell. Turns out, I didn't. The pain kinda numbed after the first 5 mins.

It's a guitar (that has the treble-clef note in it) and has one wing. People ask me why. I have a long monologue in my head. But the essence of it really is - Music sets you free, because!

Music Sets You Free

September 2, 2011

I'm A Spy Who Loves Books & Bitching

First things first: I finally got my Jack Kerouac book - On The Road! YAY! I think the angels did a little dance when they sensed my excitement :-)

For all you guys who don't know, this is the book after which my blog is named and the quote on the top of the blog is from this book. I still remember the winter afternoon when my friend in Bangalore pinged the link to that Jack Kerouac chapter that had that quote highlighted. And she said, this reminded her of me. I read the chapter and thought to myself that these are the kind of people I want to surround myself with and since I've been trying to find this book in every book store, new or secondhand without much luck.

Then I went to and lo and behold, I found it. And they delivered in ONE day. 24 HOURS! Yes, they are that awesome and I couldn't contain myself. Can't wait to start on it in the weekend. Oh, and I also got a Batman paperback for B and he was glowing the whole freaking day. Boys.

Also, I did mention that I'm a good spy and what a good spy absolutely loves is friends who spy with equal passion. We're the good spies, we just like to keep ourselves updated about the facts and not really interfere. Like God, only better. So when M gave loads of information on this particular girl none of us liked from college...we just gave in and bitched for a straight hour. who did what and went where. All harmless, honest.

Anyhoo, I have something really interesting coming up for all of you. Stay tuned.
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