October 2, 2012

A Bottle Or Three

Considering the last few days were all about the hospitals and running around and medicines for A, it was obviously time for a cheer-up-brunch for her. Now that I'm getting older I absolutely love day time drinking. Especially on a Sunday.

Problem is A doesn't know how to do normal drinking or tone anything down. So by the time I was there a bottle of wine was ordered and rearing to go. 3 hours down we'd finished off 3 bottles of wine and saying things none of us even attempted to understand and asking for the 'best House wine' and having the waiters tell us 'Ma'am we have only ONE House wine'. And since we were not done and were not sure if we could finish a bottle we started ordering by the glass. Turns out we might as well have ordered a bottle and some more.

After ridiculous conversation and enough amount of drunk dialing B we got literally hit by this idea which was beyond awesome. Thing is, drunk people get ideas. And they are adamant about them. Mainly because they think it's the best thing they have ever thought of. A and her friend thought it would be freaking awesome to finally get my nose pierced. And, man, were we a group of determined girls. We visited 5 jewelry shops none of which helped.  At 9 in the night we reached a popular hospital's emergency ward and I said "I'm getting married tomorrow. I need my nose pierced. Otherwise I won't be able to get married. It's an emergency. Kind Of."

So confused was the attending doctor that she called up the ENT specialist to find if they even did something like that. turns out they do. But not at 9PM on a Sunday. I'm still not sure why didn't
think of going to Tattoo/Piercing places?!

I guess ideas that come after 3 bottles of wine don't always have the best execution plans.

You'd think the story is over. But you haven't met a more determined person than A. So she's still trying to drag my ass to this piercing place and get it done. Maybe she's still drunk. We did have a lot to drink on Sunday.
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