August 26, 2011

Quote-Love #3 & A Writing Meme

Anything less than mad, extraordinary, passionate love is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life to deal with and love shouldn't be one of them.  ~ Frankie, Dream For An Insomniac

In other things, I decided to participate in a writing meme! Exciting, noh? It's a website call, which used to be called the The Red Dress Club. What was most intriguing was why they chose to call it the red dress club. And I thought, hell yeah, I'm in!

Tonight, we have been asked by the Write on Edge to write a story as a tweet. 140 characters. So, here we go. 

He saw her through his tears. Hazy. Choices had to be made. Love, the perfect impossibility. Then he walked away one last time.

August 23, 2011

Updating Life List - Puppy Love

I was making some changes to my blog. Editing the About Me page and updating the Life List page. I will take a moment here and for your benefit acknowledge my general obsession with Life Lists. Thank you.

Anyhoo, so I realized in the past say 5 or 6 months I've completed around 5 items in my life list. Not that bad, eh? (No idea why I'm going all Canadian here, just seems appropriate doesn't it?) However, there is particular thing on the Life List that is becoming a pressing need by the hour.

Let me just come to the point. I want a dog. A cute dog. Who cuddles, understands me, loves me, is not afraid of suffocating amounts of hugging and love, in general. Ofcourse, dogs like these exist and I want one of them. I'm having some major difficulty convincing B.

This has suddenly become top priority after the I saw the 'Jack Sparrow' dog in my neighborhood. There is dog who sleeps near our house and he has a black patch over one eye. Very pirate-ish and smart. I call him Jack Sparrow. And whenever, I do, he smiles. Honestly, I showed it to B as well and he went, 'No shit! he actually smiles.' I want a dog who'll smile back at me!

August 22, 2011

Meet The Parents - 2 & Music Monday #5

So, what I can say, it went well! B, didn't vomit all over himself from nervousness and Father wasn't asking any pressing life questions. We were all happy. The Dad test was over. With full marks to B. Ofcourse, I always had total confidence in his charming ways...

And the rest of the details are for me to know and you to dwell over.

OK, you're museeeek dose of the day:  It's Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah. Though the original was by Leonard Cohen and he is super freaking awesome while singing this, Jeff Buckley OWNS this song. Listen to him. A tinge of sadness to the track...but what is a Monday if not a little sad.

I could make love to this voice.

August 18, 2011

Meet The Parents - 1

So, mother called up last night to say Dad will be in town and he'd want to meet me. And B too! My heart was potentially where my stomach should be. I deliberated over it (even though there was no point in it) for 15 mins and called B to tell him. He seemed pretty much in control.

Until, of course when I met him in the morning. He was nervous. I was nervous. As a couple of people who have never done the 'meet the parents with serious intentions' regime before we tried to hide it from the other...not for long though. By mid-day my heart was where my guts should be and my guts felt weightless! Sitting here with the headphones on I can listen to my heart beat. Loudly. What's interesting is... Why the F do I have my headphones on if I'm not playing my music?! Nervousness can be brain damaging at times.

Though I think I have to take a moment here and say that the parents have been nothing but super {insert all kinds of good superlatives} about the whole thing. You'd think this would make it easier, but somehow it doesn't make the tiniest bit of difference. Hell no!

On top of all this, just make things a little easier on us V sent us this:


Funny article! Top takeaways:

Nothing says "I can't take care of your daughter" more than a limp-noodle handshake.
By the end of this (Q&A) session, you will most likely feel out of breath, beaten, and less of a man - however, if done correctly, it will soon be over with.
Turn around and flash her parents a smile while you close the door if you are feeling dangerous
drive at 15 miles an hour until u are out of their sight

Anyhoo, will tell you how it went. As of now, both of us are shitting bricks!

'CD Le Lete Hai Yaar' & Drama Mama

If you don't speak Hindi or Urdu that first part won't make much sense. It means, "Let's just buy a CD, man!'

This phrase was said around 30 times in the entire time we spent travelling for our Jaipur Weekend getaway. Other than the odd car-swimming-in excess-rain-water-scenario, the bad ass traffic situation while coming back, and our badly timed trip to Chokhi Dhani (a place that has the look and feel of a village but is a resort) I'd say the trip was exactly what I needed. Rest, Peace, Sleep, Pool and B (all to myself).

However it's strange how we react to unpleasant situations. We responded to the never ending mad traffic by singing songs whose original lyrics were replaced by expletives. It's quite fun destroying legendary songs. Especially when the only other option is to show your frustration in pretty violent ways. B made that game up. We just got addicted.

Also when we arrived in Chokhi Dhani we were prepared to surrender our city selves to the raw-ness of the rural. Turns out as soon as anything becomes too 'non-city' we recoil. But the place was really a nightmare. I mean take a stampede and dial it down a notch and that's what we got. We couldn't have got out of that place faster. These are 4 people that Chokhi Dhaani is never seeing again. As our wise friend P pointed out, it was more of a refugee camp than a luxury resort.

In other things, we are going to throw V a surprise party, for something that turned out really well for him. I am the main protagonist in the 'Act' that leads to the "Surprise!!" moment. I mean "I" know that I'm a major drama mama but all of my friends have started to increasingly have more faith in my drama skills. I don't know if should worry or be happy about this. Hopefully it's a good thing.

Ok, off to my Oscar moment now. V, brace yourself!!

August 17, 2011

Just Another Day At Work

Sometimes, work seems overwhelming so you write something like 'Fuck Everything' as your Facebook status. However, soon after FB makes your account 'Temporary Unavailable.' Then a friend pings you...

Yash: why is your fb profile unavailable?
Me: I dont know!!
i just tried to log in and its says
account temp unavailable
Yash: you just tried to fuck everything that was not required
that was not to be fucked around with
Yash: seriously
I can't comment
Me:seriously i can't see my profile

But seriously, it was one of the most educative random GTalk chats I've ever had:

Did you know in Hyderabad there is a flyover called 'Telugu Talli'?
Talli in Hindi is slang for getting drunk. So there is actually a flyover celebrating drunkenness? Not quite. Talli in Telugu means Mother. Next Mothers' Day I'm going to send a card to my Mom saying 'Happy Talli Day.' Just for kicks.

Murphy's Law Of Typos: If you've made a hilarious typo while you're chatting, you will continue make that typo unless you end the chat or switch topics.

Yash: BTW why are you Idli?
oh, I mean, idle
Me: I have no idea!
Yash: It's weird
You and me chatting with you Idli.
Damn! Idle.
Me: Obviously, you like Idli
Yash: No! I hate Idlis!

FYI - Idli's are a type of South Indian dish that you get...well, everywhere.

August 13, 2011

Everybody Loves Pop!

Pop really is the answer to a LOT of life's problems and most of your break ups. I'm sick of people saying how they don't like Pop. Including Mr. B groaning when I sing along to Justin Bieber's baby voice on the radio. What he does not realize is that I may be singing loudly but not that loudly that I can't hear him sneak in a hum or two of the few lines in between.

Moreover, for the last 3 weeks he's been borrowing my Droid every morning in the office cab to listen to songs. Ok, I might add here that I'm a HUGE Nirvana fan and I love my rock. Pop just happens to be my guilty pleasure that I have no qualms in admitting ...anymore. So anyway apart from the Nirvana, Coldplay, Beatles and the likes it has a good mix of Ke$ha, Gaga, Bieber, MJ and more. The BF between his rock songs sneaks a little MJ and Ke$ha as well.

That's all I need to be convinced of the power of Pop music I guess. It's just so mindless at times and sometimes it is exactly what you need. And boy bands...If ANYBODY tells me that these weren't a major part of your growing up, I'd tell you that maybe you lived in Mars. When asked B 'Who was your favorite boy band, baby?' 'Backstreet Boys' Pat came the reply. He didn't even fight it knowing I would beat it out of him eventually. I'm good with the drama.

So you see, everybody loves pop. Honest!

August 12, 2011

Perfectly Bad At It!

Ok now I know I'm nothing short of a good cross between a superhuman and a ninja. Whaaaat?! Ofcourse I'm not making this up, I gave you a HINT earlier remember? Fine, I'll make you believe me, don't say I didn't warn you -

  1. I can make up excuses like nobody's business. Like if you asked me a question and if I didn't know the answer and I know that I probably SHOULD know the answer I'll make it up! And you wouldn't doubt me for a second. Megha actually comes to me when she needs to be a little creative about making up excuses for various reasons that cannot be acknowledged here.
  2. I have to hear your number 3 times, exactly, 3 times to remember it as long as I'm friends with you. Yea, you heard that right. As long as I'm friends with you.
  3. Give me any life situation and I have an equivalent F.R.I.E.N.D.S. video for it. Kid you not. Also the ability to watch 150th rerun of any friends episode.
  4. I spy, therefore, I am - Ok, fine! Maybe this is something most woman are born with, oh, but I'm goood. You have no idea.
  5. Ability to fake the knowledge of stuff that's happened to you so you confide. If, ofcourse, it's good enough to arouse my curiosity.
  6. Can watch 3 seasons of america's next top model in a day. Livin' for the drama, people!
  7. Sleazy jokes, funny jokes, cool jokes, intelligent jokes - you name it and I can crack it!
But all that superhero power, charisma, magnetism falls flat on its face when it comes to a few things. I mean, I never thought I'd have a Nemesis, but turns out, I do! Not 1 but 3.

Car Doors:

I cannot, simply cannot for the life of me close a car door in one go. I always try and slam it and the slam becomes something between a push and a touch and the door doesn't close properly or so the car light inside tells me. B, on the other hand finds this quite amusing. Sometimes, the amusement borders on exasperation and he'll do that laugh of his "ha, ha, he,hmmm" and I can almost see his eyes scream murder.
I can't help it! It's just something that I cannot dooo! It just doesn't happen. Maybe I was a blue blood in my former life who always had at-least 5 people running around closing doors and shit.


I'm cool, calm, composed...except when I see a lizard. I hate those slimy reptiles. They give me the goosies, the shivers and my general well being gets affected. Once we were eating lunch and B's mom saw something move behind me and she said, "Is that a lizard?!"

Beeeeeeeeep! Wrong word!

I screamed and shouted at the top of my lungs and ran to the other, threw the plate of food I was carrying, and jumped and shouted and stripped my t-shirt off until B came and told me, "WTF! there's no lizard!" Much to the amusement of all the workers in the house. So see, there you go, I can't handle lizards and you would've thought nothing could get to me.

Genuine Compliment:

I can't handle a genuine compliment. I blush, twitch, try to act coy, try to smile, try to say something appropriate but I never know what the right/exact response should be. Then I just end up cracking some lame joke and making the situation awkward. This really is the biggest of 'em all. A downer if you're single and willing to mingle. Cos you see I can win you over with my humor and smartass cracks and knowledge of current world events and show you that I have an opinion and a very strong one at that. I have to admit you will be bowled over (if you're interested in women). And you will only keep liking me at a exponentially progressive level....unless ofcourse you pay me a genuine compliment.

August 11, 2011

Life's Never Boring!

You're going to office early, attending meetings like a Boss, working like a slave, leaving office at 11pm AND doing this for 2 weeks straight. So you sit up and  say 'It's the middle of the week. I neeeed a break. We're going to go get sloshed.' And of course you're friends agree because they are chill like that. And also, because ex-roomie will be leaving soon and we obviously need a farewell which involves copious amounts of alcohol.

We are down pat with the crazy shit alright! But getting the cops chasing after us is crazy in our books too.

Yes, we had them running after us. When the clubs threw us out we started dancing in the raining in the parking lot with the volume pumped up. Some of us were feeling pretty brave and decided to dance on top of our cars. And I was feeling braver than usual, so when V came and told me 'I think we should move, the cops will come and that...' I said ' OHH! there's music playing we'll make them dance as well.'
Turns out not. 2 minutes later they came running with those fat ass sticks in their hands. I've never seen a gang of drunken people move so swift. Especially us.

Dear God, I said I wanted a break not break a bone!

In other good news, I'm going to Jaipur. Thanks to awesome thinking/socializing/decision-making skills of B we landed ourselves quite a steal of a deal for a weekend trip to Jaipur AKA Pink City. It's called the Pink City because majority of the houses are painted in pink! A guy's worst nightmare, noh? I can't wait to spend my weekend in that super lush spa and laze around and basically do nothing but roll in my bed. Weekend, come soon!

August 8, 2011

Music Monday #4

I don't know where and why I stopped with the Music Mondays...probably because Mondays are so crazy that I hardly ever have time to even die!

But this song makes me want to start it up again.

What voice and words and arrangement! Good music probably just ended when the 80s did. Well, most of it anyway.
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