February 27, 2013

Save The Date

Someday, in the time that we don't expect, we'll just meet. And maybe, it'll be forever.

Sharing the save the date photos that one of friends took for us. She did such a wonderful job, and I cannot wait to use these photos for the cards. If you're in India and want to get a couple shoot or candid wedding photography done check these guys out at ShutterbugsWeddingPhotography.

February 18, 2013


You know the D-day is approaching when your boyfriend/fiance/future-husband wakes you up at 5:50 AM and says "Baby, let's go. We have to go run.'

I did. And played 'Fuck You' on repeat.

Sometimes I think that 50 years down the line when I look back on my life - all I will see are battles with the cellulite/fat/etc.

February 1, 2013

Tackle Later!

I'm glad for friends who understand when I can't make it for a night out or a party or just a lazy sleepover. Especially, since nowadays I'm drowned for all the wedding work. The last thing I need is someone breathing down my neck for some such silly thing. As it turns out not only am I taking care of my things, but heavily involved in what Mr. B has to take care of. Because let's be honest, all B has are lazy bones in his body. And with less that 3 months to go...i'm in a whirlwind of crazy right now.

I mean I love writing. But I haven't, for over a month. There is no time. Hopefully, it is all worth it in the end. Because right now weekdays have merged into weekends and so on and so forth. Moreover, a couple of friends are in town who cant be there for the wedding...and I want to meet them and catch up. I feel my head is going to burst into a zillion pieces at any moment.

And for the ones who don't understand, I'm just trying to keep my calm with them. I'm just going to put all of them in a box labeled 'Tackle Later.' Honestly, I want to have time for them, for chats in pub, for myself even. But I can't... not with 80 odd days left. It's like a time warp right now where minutes, hours and days have merged into one big ball of nothing.

I miss URoy with her drive to finish things. Yes, she's a 'finisher'. Had she been here, between the 2 of us i would have finished with my wedding trousseau AND hers as well. Well, you can only hope for so much I guess.

I'm ready to wage a war against time, schedules, tailors, clothes, unending clothes, air tickets, food, keeping fit, sleeplessness and work. Everything else that crosses my path, I will 'Tackle Later.'
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