February 23, 2011

Men With Dogs...

ALWAYS get my attention. Only if the man is tending towards the cuter side ofcourse. Not any random man will do. WTF, I have standards people!

I mean the only thing more drool-worthy than a man with dog is a man with a baby and both have to be cute. Call me vain, but it is how it is.  

But do you know why the 'Man with a dog' scenario still wins over the 'Man with a baby' scenario?
Because in the former one there is still a chance that the cute guy is single :D Classic example -  David Stehle of  'The Rest is Still Unwritten.' with his English Bulldog Diesel. Mannnn, I love the guy and the dog, and BOTH tweet! Could you really ask for anything more?

Anyway, go check out his blog. You won't regret it. Yes, even you BOYS won't regret it.


cailen ascher said...

a dog is definitely a plus in my book too. well, unless it's a miniature toy poodle or something...then it's a minus...

cute blog! found you via for the love of blogs!
happy friday,

ashley said...

You couldn't be more right! Guy running down the beach (sans shirt preferably) with pooch= my idea of heaven x

David said...

So nearly 7 months later, I've stumbled upon this post. Gotta say, totally flattered! Diesel is too.

But who doesn't love a Bulldog? Even people who don't like dogs love Diesel. He just makes it easy.

PS (Come say hi on Twitter!)

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