August 27, 2013

Is it a city, Is it a suburb, is it a giant mist, Or Is it the forest growing back?

I had only two reasons to visit Seattle. Cobain and a couple of my dear friends. And I was prepared to not really take to the city. After all Seattle is synonymous with rain. And I hate rain. I don't get how people can romanticise about rains and like it and love it and more. I'm not a rain-person. Let that be heard wide and clear.

Then Seattle happened. The clear skied drizzle that the city engulfs you with is amazing. All those idiots have got it wrong, the best thing about Seattle is it's weather. And the quirks of a major city which hardly looks like a city. The green, the blue and the mist. I never expected to fall so hard for a city, but I did.

Seattle Space Needle - Look at the brilliant sky!

Seattle's most famous quirk - Gum Wall

Original Starbucks logo - The original shop had burned down a block away.

Never been more excited or happy to visit a Market.

Cheese making in progress

The house in the backyard of which Cobain shot himself .

Cobain/Nirvana fan bench near his place of residence (above)

July 30, 2013

Signature Song.

I found my new song. My new morning song, going to work song, working song, i'm going to nail it song, getting married so...wait I already did it, anyway, having a baby song, my unwind song, my  funeral song, my everything song.

Home Is Wherever I'm With You...

The trip is almost coming to an end and although it’s been Monday kind of crazy every day I find myself suddenly free for the next 30 minutes. Which is awesome, because I get to blog about how little time I’ve spent in recreational activities, this work trip. There was and is so much to cover that the office folks here decided to make us stay another week. Which is all good because maybe then I get to see a little bit more of the city.

I mean don’t doubt me, even after a work day that felt like numerous consecutive rounds of being boxed in the head I have dragged myself to Chinatown to have my favorite tea in the world, Boba Tea. I have also compelled myself to click an ungodly number of touristy pics in Fisherman’s Wharf. The usual, you know. I have met the in laws, the ex-room-mate, the ex-team-mate, the ex-pub-mates and had a good time somewhere between all the crazies. So as I enter the home run of this trip, I’m dreaming about the sunny side up eggs I get in bed every weekend or the cuddles or the pillow talk or the random whatsapp conversation with sister. There is an exaggerated homesickness this time because well, my little kid sister starts her brand new college life in whole new city all by herself. This is making me feel nostalgic, emotional and happy all at the same time and I’m having some major empty nest feeling even though I haven’t lived with that bugger for 9 years. Yikes! I guess the baby of the family always does remain the baby of the family.

So, obviously, I can’t wait to be submerged by everything that is home to me – But not before I walk on the ground that was home to my favorite musician.

July 17, 2013

Of Impromptu Travels.

In a matter of 48 hours I find my self leaving home to travel halfway across the world for a couple of weeks. Not that I'm the most organized or well planned out traveler ever but usually I'd like to get a little bit more notice than that. Anyhoo, since I'm already here in the beautiful city of San Francisco, I'm going to make full use of my time here. Maybe even write a bit, since I haven't for almost 2 months.

And visit one of my favoritest married couples in Seattle. I swear I'm going to go total Grey's Anatomy on their ass, yo!
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