March 31, 2011

Winning! (Not The Charlie Sheen Kind), Waking Up Angry & Past Relationship Ghosts/Baggage

Continuing from my last post we, Team India, won...WON the India Vs Pak World Cup Semi Finals! Woohoo! Nas, did you watch the game? You said you would! My Facebook and Twitter stream went berserk. Winning and Tiger Blood (not of the Charlie Sheen fame) was the theme for the night. The madness in the streets was unbelievable. See it for yourself! This is a video Akanksha and Upasana took when they went to the India Gate. Excitement is at a a fever pitch!

I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like if...IF we win the World Cup Finals. Phew! Just thinking about it is giving me a cardiac arrest. We'll see what happens. Till then all of us...infact the whole nation is waiting with bated breath to see India lift that cup.

Also, you know sometimes you see a dream that really pisses you off? And you're so pissed off that when you wake up you're still fuming like a mad bitch? Yea, happened to me today. So I woke up and slapped Mr. B's hand...hard. Because! He was being really bad in my dream. WTF like :-|

Being angry at him also made me angry about the fact that I will never be able to go to Goa with him. You know how every relationship has one ghost/baggage from your past relationship? I'm sure there must be something that Mr. B must really hate because he thinks he can't do it with me. As for me that has to be Goa. Ahhhh what a waste of a beautiful place. Never mind, I'll do it with my girls one of these days BEFORE I GROW TOO OLD TO EVEN WALK! Bloody Hell.

March 25, 2011

Cricket Ain't For The Faint-Hearted

Unless you have been living under a ROCK the past month you'd know how the Cricket infested countries are going crazy, berserk and simply nuts with each passing day. In India, though, crazy means a whole new ball game. Actually, let me rephrase that....Cricket means a whole new ball game. Apart from the fact that each and every person considers Cricket their lifeblood, every time a boy is born in any Indian family the first thought that is probably running through the minds of his brand new parents is 'Will he be the next Sachin Tendulkar?'  - Deviation: If you don't know who Sachin is then, PLEASE GET OFF MY BLOG...NOW! - This lasts till the time the little boy can walk or play and speak his mind. Then they realize that, well, he may not be the next Sachin but he WILL acquire so much knowledge about Cricket itself that he would give the veterans a run for their money or simply drive his friends out of their minds by expressing his opinion on every shot that is taken and ever ball that is delivered. And on the most important moments of his life will quote some scene from the Cricketing history of the World.

For the uninitiated who STILL don't get it: India is to Cricket, what Brazil is to Football. Being a boy in India is no mean job. Apart from the tough job of growing up and studying and making something out of yourself so that your Parents can boast of you in their society parties and, of course, earning to support a family of 10 at any given point (what can I say, we love joint families) that boy who I might add is already crumbling under societal pressure also has to be Cricket fanatic. No choice given whatsoever! Being a fanatic isn't enough, he should also have super-powerful, photographic memory that would allow him to not only remember which countries were pitted against each other in which world cup match but also CLEARLY remember which batsmen played which shot and which bowler took which wicket. And when it comes to Sachin, if you don't have his entire career at your fingertips, sorry, you will not be considered man enough. You could have balls the size of Himalayas (frankly, just writing that is grossing me out) and you could be knowing where them hoes at but... IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER! Phew, honestly, that's a lot of stats and I'm sure such memory is available only in some super-computer that is yet to be invented by Google, Apple or Microsoft. And you wonder why all these Indian are topping the GMATs and SATs?

And to be fair to the girls, they struggle a lot too in this power play. With all this new equality in gender thing happening across the world and ofcourse India they need to have some opinions on what is happening in each match. Who played well, who bowled well and who simply fucked up. Of course, our cricket-crazed nation is a little easy on the dainty darlings. The girls (including me) are not expected to have super-computer memory and will be excused if they have a healthy respect for the Cricket playing countries and their players and a healthy hatred for Australia and Pakistan.

Coming to the topic of being pitched against our arch-rivals - Pakistan and Australia. Unless you are in either of the aforementioned countries it is difficult for you to understand the kind of drama an India-Pak or India-Aus match brings to the people. Life literally stops. People everywhere are huddled around televisions soaking in each and every nail biting moment. Hurling VERY PERSONAL insults at the opposition (not that they can hear them) and shouting words of encouragement to the India team. Every now and then someone is giving the team some footwork or bowling advice (again, I should make it clear that none of the people who the advice is intended for can hear them). Shouting in glee when the team does well and screaming in agony when someone fails to deliver. Heart attacks at crucial overs in a match are not uncommon. Last few moments of the match everyone is quietly anticipating the victory that is to come. And if, IF - dear good God, holy smokes noooo - India loses... well all you can hope for is that your Televisions set is unbreakable.

Like I said, a whole different ball game :)

UPDATE: Upasana pointed out that it would be a good idea to show how our Facebook Home Page feed looked like after the match, so here goes. I ain't making this shit up.

March 15, 2011

A Late Music Monday #2 & PMS

Since I didn't do a Music Monday yesterday (kind of made sense to show some respect to what's happening in the world right now) I'm doing a day late. Today's song is Price Tag by Jessie J. She's got a great voice and some definite spunk. She's got one more of her singles out (Do It Like A Dude) but Price Tag is soooo much better with brilliant lyrics.

In other things. PMS is a crazy bitch and makes one act like a bitch on crack. So I'm going about raising hell whenever I can. I'm the worse thing my boyfriend has seen since The Joker of Batman fame right now. Totally losing my shit all over the place. Awesome. So try not to run into me if you can.

March 14, 2011

Prayers For Japan

It's devastating to see the amount of destruction that has happened due to the earthquake that rocked Japan on March 11, 2011. The Tsunami made the situation worse than it already was. It is heartbreaking to see the loss of life and property that has taken over the country. The PM of the country has mentioned it's worst crisis in Japan since WWII. No food, water or electricity for the majority of the people. And some have no family. Death toll is 10,000 in one region alone. And the aftershocks of that earthquake can still be felt.

What most of us can do right now is send out prayers to the nation and it's people and hope they stand strong and combat this crisis.

Send them your prayers. I believe it helps.

March 12, 2011

Delays and Facebook Drama :)

As usual I'm delaying starting the Project 30 Days of Truth. I can really procrastinate when I want to. I'll get started on it soon, honest!

I love drama in general. I love exaggerating the shit out of things. However, I've never ever changed my relationship status on Facebook just for the drama. I mean I've never ever been in a relationship that I thought was going somewhere. So on Monday when I get the request on Facebook - Mr B wants you to add him as your boyfriend my eyes popped out. I mean I never badgered him at all about any Facebook shit ever. It was silly, funny and cute. It made me laugh for an hour. Well, there is always a first time for everything. And anyways, gotta love drama, right?

March 11, 2011

Weekend Education: Dating Don'ts - Part 1

I thought since most people are completely *missing the point* when it comes to dating I'd help them out. And since weekends are generally the time when people go out and party and feel the obsessive need to hook up with people I thought I'd impart some weekend education on Dating Don'ts. Hey! All of us are aware of the Dos but very few people, I mean very very few people know about the Don'ts. Also as FYI for the couples, Weekends and Holidays (esp NYE, Christmas etc) are equivalent to the Zombie Apocalypse of the SingleHood world. Feel free to call it Couplehood-PDA-Overdose Apocalypse or some such thing. IDK.

Here goes the first few rules of the Dating Don'ts:

1. Do Not Date A Girl/Guy With Crazy Eyes

Just in case you're not aware of what 'Crazy Eyes' really looks like.
It's always a Potential One-Day-You-Find-Your-House-In-A-Wreck alert! Trust me. Crazy eyes would mean she's obsessed with something or maybe takes things too personal. So you'd have to really think hard before pissing her off. And if you fine day you walk into your apartment to find a major case of vandalism there. Oh and that also means you will NEVER BE ABLE TO BREAK UP WITH HERRRR!

2. Do Not Date a Guy/Girl Who Spits All Over Your Face While Talking

Or for that matter spits on your friends face and his girlfriends face. Soon you'll find she's spitting on the faces of everybody who is close to you. And before you could bat another eyelid you'd need wipers on your glasses. And just in case you don't wear glasses...well, too bad!

3. Do Not Date Anyone Who Sleeps With A Knife Under Their Pillow

Safety is an ...wait for it...EXCUSE! That knife will be the only indication to her psychotic behaviour. Before you think I'm over reacting let me tell you that there are alternatives to taking care of her safety. Burglar Alarms, Pepper Spray...the works. So why why oh why a KNIFE? So that in the middle of the night when your defenses are down and out  she can quickly and sure....I will leave the rest of that sentence to your imagination.

These are things your mom won't tell you, so, You're Welcome!

Stay tuned for more...later!

March 10, 2011

Vacation AKA Striking That Off My Life List!

Oh Man! Feels good to write after this long. For those of you who still saunter into my blog once in a while....I'M HERE! NOT DEAD! *Frantic Waving* -  (Except for 5 seconds when I jumped off a cliff this past weekend I thought I was going to be...dead that is)

Last weekend Mr. B, a couple of friends and I went to Hrishikesh (yay!). For the uninitiated, Hrishikesh is this hill area in North India that is known as the capital of yoga & meditation.

Cool Facts About Hrishikesh:
1. The Beatles stayed here for a month in 1968. (Don't ask me which month!)
2. John Lennon composed a song on this place called 'The Happy Rishikesh Song.' And some 47 other songs. - (They were probably high on some natural shit)
3. It is also immensely popular for it's adventure sports like White Water Rafting :) (Life List Alert!)
4. PG (that would be me) really wanted to go there!

Also, if anyone has been paying any attention to anything I've been writing my Life List had this on it. Striking it off my list was the highlight of my post-vacation week. Serious!

We basically camped there for 3 days without electricity on the river bed. Thank God for the food and water (loads of it). But what fun! The rafting especially. They taught us to row the right way (as opposed to what you think is the cool way), badgered us to row in unison, and not play the fool in the middle of the Rapids. We really didn't pay much attention to the last part. And we tried and tried in vain to row like pros and in unison. There were different kinds of commands too while rowing - Forward, Fast Forward, Left Side Back & Right Side Front, Relax (don't row), Down (Inside the raft in dangerous rapids) and so on. After a while (almost an hour I think) we all just wait to hear the instructor/guide speak that sweet sweet word - 'RELAX!' Even before he could finish the entire word we had relaxed...dreading the next command. Sigh. Fucking Amateurs!

And to make things more interesting Mr. B fell off in the biggest (and the most dangerous) rapid. You know how some people are fucking perfect when it comes to dealing with emergency situations and reacting appropriately? Yeah, well, I'm not one of them. I froze in fear instead of helping the raft paddle forward to Mr. B. Yes, he owes his life to me (not). But then I heard the instructor shout, 'Don't Panic! Don't Panic!' and I heaved a sigh of relief and started rowing, only to realize later that the instruction was for the one who fell off the raft and was struggling to stay afloat in the middle of a huge rapid.

And... to top it all off we jumped off a cliff into the river too. Awesome shit! The first time though when I was inside the water for 3 secs after 5 secs of free falling, I thought I was going to die and this was it, the only thought that came to my mind is  'FUCK! I'm not even MARRIED or I didn't even get to go to NEW YORK and who's GOING to WRITE on MY BLOG.....oh I'm breathing again. Good!'

The nights were awesome. You could actually SEE the stars and I couldn't help but admire how beautiful it looked and how the moonlight shone on the river. No picture would have done justice to what we saw. Best thing about this vacation (which is probably the best things about most vacations) was that I got to spend it with people I really love and adore. Well, mostly. I need more of these. I have one planned for April with my favoritest girls and Mr. B. C.A.N.N.O.T W.A.I.T!

PS: I realized that I use 'fuck' a lot when I'm happy :)

PPS: Suggestion - I think instead of 'Relax' they should use 'Chillax.' Means Chill + Relax. The water was really really cold, you know. So when you're relaxing you are ACTUALLY relaxing and chilling. Hence, 'Chillax.'
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