October 27, 2011

In Matters Of The Hair...

... I am not so blessed. I envy all of you with perfect, silky, shiny & more importantly, manageable hair.  There is SO much that I have to do to tame that frizzy, unruly mane of mine. For example, my friends like A, Nasa, URoy have to wash, condition and towel-dry their hair and ...voila! It look's perfect...

But no, not me. Apart from washing, double conditioning and properly towel drying my hair I have to, have to apply a hair serum. Wait a few minutes for the hair to dry further and then add a spray on 'moisture-kick' conditioner. Then blow dry my hair just the right amount so as to make sure my hair doesn't fall off when I'm 50. I have to go through this tedious routine every damn day.

And Winter is almost here. I dread my shower-time. But it's OK, I have perfect eyes, nose & smile.

October 26, 2011

It's Better To Burn Out, Than To Fade Away

I've had a lot of time to think these past few days since it hasn't been as crazy or whirlwind as my life usually tends to be. I'll be leaving the Big G soon. Next week, in fact. It's a long story that I don't want to get into. But the fact remains - How the in the living hell am I supposed to go through with it?

I mean, technically speaking I've already gone through with it - what with giving in the papers and all. But Big G is the only the thing I have known since college. Only thing I've sworn by. It gave a me a family, a family I chose. Everybody tends to say that when you leave college is when you step into the big bad world of corporate life. It doesn't really hold true when your with the Big G. It is now, as I move on to some other job will I be stepping into the big bad world for reals. But I ain't fizzling out - I'm gonna go out with a bang (or party, whatever you want to call it). Party till we drop on that last. There will be time to brood later.

So, dear reader who may also be recruiting, you are amaz... - Take me by the tongue...And I'll know you ..Kiss me 'til you're drunk, And I'll show you...All the moves like Jagger! I've got the moves like Jagger! I've got the moooooooooooves like Jaggerrrr...

Oh Sorry! I break into songs sometimes. Sorry about that.

So coming back to the point. You're so amazing that I'd catch a grenade for you (Bruno Mars Style). Please give me a job? I'm good. And I have a healthy IQ and EQ (refer to the first lines of the post) and I know how to balance my work and personal life (again, refer to the first few lines of the post) . Wouldn't you agree?

OK, now that's done I'd love for things to look a little better personally and professionally. Because just before I become jobless I'm going to rock-out in a Metallica concert. I know, very high-school/college student-y - but a legend is a legend, yo! Followed by of course the going-to-be-epic first time ever Formula One event in India. Yes, I'm psyched.

Too many different emotions converging in this melting pot of life. Sad, worried, happy, ridiculousness - feeling quite a few things right now. Oh but I'd deal with it (again), don't worry. Just think about that job, ok? And I'll think about that party.

October 21, 2011

Write You Off

Don't let anybody write you off.
You know what you are and what you will be.
You wear your scars & you carry your baggage.
It always takes a lot more than judging to know what it is
To be in someone else's shoes.
For all you know, you wouldn't be able to walk even a mile in mine.
You make your own stories & Stories can be powerful.
Just like you.

October 20, 2011

Laugh Lines

I love your laugh-lines. And I love my laugh-lines. Let's the world know we're having fun :)


October 19, 2011

Things I Wish I Could Say If I Only Knew What They Meant...

1. We're still friends! (how under the holyshittingsky do people do that?)
2. No hard feelings (There are always hard feelings. Always)
3. I'm an Investment Banker. (whaaat do they do exactly?)
4. I don't believe in best friends! (Okay, you anti-social animal)
5. Open Source is the best thing that's happened since Apple.
6. The problem lies in the carburetor or [insert car related jargon].
7. My mutual funds/infrastructure bonds/company stocks are looking bullish/bearish (This is where a lot more insight into what's an 'investment banker' would help.)
8. I want to find my inner peace. (It's difficult with so many imaginary friends I presume.)
9. I have a headache/migraine. (Trust me when I say, I've never had one. Hangovers don't count.)
10. I'm deeply committed. (Everybody is commitment-phobic)\
11. No, thanks, I don't drink.

October 18, 2011

This One's For You & Me

I have this friend. I love her to bits. The once in a while that we talk - it just gives me a whole new perspective. Each and every time. And a lot of times, bang in the middle of the night she'll ping me some song that I'm bound to fall in love with. More often than not it reflects in totality how I'm feeling. I still haven't figured out how she does that. The best part, though, is when I open my inbox first thing in the morning I'm greeted with the song that'll go on repeat for the rest of the day.

I hope all of you have that one/two/three people who know you enough to send the exact song you want to hear. I don't know where I would be without my plus ones.

This one's for you and me,Living out our dreamsWe're alright where we should beLift my arms out wide I open my eyesAnd now all I wanna seeIs a sky full of lighters...

30 or 3000

I told you I didn't feel like writing much. But the thing with this life is you'll end up doing things you think you didn't want to do. Especially, when your friends make it a point to tell you they miss not reading what you write. Be it someone who is 30 miles from here or someone who is 3000 miles from here. It's just that I'm so bad at keeping in touch, I'd rather post about my random life and make sure they're "in touch" in some way or the other.

So, I just hauled some ass and wrote....

October 17, 2011

The 100th!

This is my 100th post. Deep breath. This blog and the relationship I'm in right now - are the most committed I have ever been. So, obviously, I didn't think I'd reach my 10th post, let alone the 100th. So I'm thinking I'd just let myself be and write about anything that comes to mind...I know, feel free to leave. I'll understand :)

The trip back home was great...with a lot more 'meet the mom & extended family' happening and B, coming through with flying colors and what not. However, homeland is one place that is synonymous with good food... always. But this time it managed to surprise me as well with the biggest prawns I have ever had!

Biggest Prawns EVER!

Devilled Crabs - YUM!
However, what is a good trip home without a violent bout of fever following it? Kidding. Except, I wasn't laughing too much when I came down with worst case of Bronchitis this decade. I lost some kilos so I'm not really complaining. Almost.

I'm planning to eat a lot less you know...to not bloat up again. Let's see how long this resolution lasts.

In other things, I'm just tired, resigned. This has probably been the reason why I haven't posted in a while. But my cronies told me they miss the fact that I haven't been writing. I looked at the Blogger dashboard and realized my 100th was due. So this is what came out. I'm still not over the 'tired' part. This in no way means a sabbatical...just that I need some time. To think. To write. To stabilize. And because of this, B, has a full-time job on his hands.

October 4, 2011

Religion, Meet Culture. Culture, Meet Religion.

Durga Pujo. The single most biggest festival in Eastern India. It of course at it's root is a religious festival where we worship the Hindu goddess Durga who basically comes back home (where, earth is home) for 14 days or such. But the main festivities last for only a week. Of course, over the years it's become one of the major socio-cultural event that the Eastern Indian society participates in.

This is probably the only religious festival where (thankfully) Religion has taken a back seat. It's like Religion and Culture met and had a fist fight (for some unknown reason) and Culture beat the holyshitingsky out of religion! I'll tell you why it's more of a social event than anything else:

1. People belonging to all religions are out on the streets for 5 whole days having fun, without a damned care in the world.
2. For the Eastern States its a 5-day long State Holiday! Now, who wouldn't like that! Everybody needs 5 day long state holidays. I mean, come on!
3. All the 'pandals' (or the decorative tents and structure where they house Goddess Durga's Idol for the whole week) have themes that vary from Brazil winning the football cup, the 9/11 WTC Attack, or the phenomenal success of Harry Potter or Titanic, Global Warming or sometimes based on ancient civilizations like the Incas or Egyptians. There is a whole glorious world out there when it comes to pandals.
4. Durga Pujo generated so much employment during that time of the year (for the street hawkers, pandal makers, priests and more) . It may be a temporary spike but it's helpful nonetheless. Also, it is usually going from the pockets of the richer to the lesser blessed. So you see? nothing to lose but much to gain :)

And not to mention, it's unadulterated fun. 

So yes, you're part of the festival if you do any or all of the following things:

1. Take a leave of 5 days.
2. Buy new clothes
3. Eat lots of street food.
4. Spend those 5 days doing nothing but catching up with friends and family.

All I'm saying is, I hope I can make people elsewhere understand how much I love and adore my culture and how all embracing it is. I'm not religious for most part. But this part right here with all the pomp and show of the Pujas...is such an essential part of my life that I'd love to infuse even a fraction of the enthusiasm I feel for it through what I'm writing. 

Dear Calcutta, can. not. wait!

October 3, 2011

I'd Rather Have a Bottle In Front Of Me

Yesterday was a Dry Day. For all of you peeps who don't live in India. Here's what Dry Day means. 'No alcohol will be served anywhere, anyplace even if your life depends on it!' Whattt? Of course your life can depend on alcohol! What about cough syrup huh? I mean if the government had their way they wouldn't even sell cough syrup you know...ooohhh too much alcohol! Blahest Blah.

I think it's to show respect to the day or event that they enforce a one-day ban on alcohol. Now now now, I'm only making assumptions here, because ofcourse I haven't bothered asking ANYBODY at all...because this seems down right stupidity. I mean who the hell pays respect by not drinking. As for me (and most people I know), I become more respectful and loving after guzzling a few. Hehe. But seriously, some delightful decision-making by the Government. 

Also, it's crazy how Mondays make you go batshit crazy. But if you're anywhere close to as awesome as I am you'd go shopping bang in the middle of a working Monday. Hell yea. AND help your boyfee blow up 5K. Just like that. Holy Shitsnacks. Also buy cute hair bands with bow on top :)

Bands with bows :)
Step 2, eat cheap chinese food. I don't think I will ever outgrow chinese food. Ever! I mean any time of any day if you give me an option to eat out and I get to decide on the food...it will be chinese, for sure. And sometimes (If I'm back home) Biryani. I would like to think the-always-going-back-to-Chinese is not because of lack of imagination or exposure but because I really love that cuisine.

Step 3, another way to beat the Monday blues would be to postpone as much work as you can to Tuesday. I mean, sometimes you need to be working against a tight deadline. You know to keep you on your toes and stuff. Helps you step up your game and what not.

Anyhoo, some music for your Monday Blues:

You can't help but love anything that has Jagger in it or Adam Levine for that matter. If you haven't heard this before, I can guarantee you will listen to this on repeat, unless ofcourse if you have no clue about music whatsoever.

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