March 26, 2013

Quote-Love #4

March 22, 2013

Keeping It Real

I have been having a lot (and I mean a LOT) of discussions about weddings lately. And if you're reading this and thinking - Oh, can't she just shut up about it already! - then I'll have you know that if I am going through this, then you are too. To add to the mix 2 of my bestest friends are getting married this year as well. Talk about wedding overload!

I get a ping from one of them saying she knows this friend of a friend who got married 5 years back and they were wildly in love but now both of them are comfortable with the partner sleeping around. Now, before you think I'm being judgmental towards those who chose to go into open relationships let me assure you I'm not. It's just not my style. And it makes me super uncomfortable to think that would what my relationship could become. M says her better half and she are making lists that would help them live their own lives and be individuals.

Shit, maybe I should do some sort of list as well. I mean we make it a point to do different things, give each other enough breathing space and basically not become one entity - but what if it's not enough?

While I'm soaking all of this information in, Roy tells me that everytime she thinks the wedding is coming close she gets this uncontrollable urge to puke. She sleeps with a perfumed handkerchief at night to feel better.

Yes! that's what happens to me too. Now that the wedding is near I get these sudden urges to puke. With a fair amount of nausea and palpitations involved. And it'll strike me at the least expected hour.

How I goddam wish I was those perfect girls from the chick-flicks who have waited for their wedding their entire life, planned minute details and can't get enough of the preps. I mean I didn't even know what  I wanted and how I wanted things till the wedding preps actually started and I was forced to think about it.

The nausea, the palpitations, The I-have-never-thought-about-my-wedding scenario and the List making for living like individuals - Doesn't really conform to the whole romanticism involved in a wedding, right? But it's real. And I like to keep it real. So, that's good.

Also, now that I think about it I never get those 'what-the-hell-is-happening' pangs when I sleep at night. Or right now, with Mr. B snoring away to glory. Or when he put the ring on my finger. I guess if this is how it's going to be forever - I'm fine with it. And this is real too.

That doesn't mean I won't get that nauseas feeling and it's because I freeze when you put me in front of 10 people and I feel like I have to perform or speak which is exactly what weddings are about. But that's a story for another time.
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