About A Girl

That's me! And if you notice carefully, I love my hookah!

Hey you, hi! Yea, its me.

This blog (that you happened to stumble upon) is about my life, my love, my friends and some other things (which also circles back to me). Why? Because I can...

The posts are about my feelings, which are mostly irrational. Sometimes they are about my boyfriend, who is referred to as Mr Blackberry. This is only because he has a Blackberry and because I hate Blackberry snobs, not that he is one. Yes, even I don't understand the connection.  I also write a lot about my friends, because they are that cool :)

Did I mention, that they are mostly just drunk. And so am I.

And sometimes I may even talk about how my Vadge needs some action. Thank you for your patience.

I am a Music Junkie...never too far from my Droid or iTunes!
Rock & Pop Forever
Guilty Pleasures:

          Tee Hee!

I love writing and I'm not a writer. I love the sound of a fountain pen tip on paper. I'm the quintessential notebook and pen sort of a writer. In spite of this I fill this virtual notebook. My ONLY reason being I don't want to waste paper. Honest.

When I'm not writing I'm usually working (in Google) or lazing around and talking and cracking mindless jokes with Mr. B and friends. At anytime of the day I have less blood and more caffeine in my body, lot of travel plans and even more random thoughts in my head. 
I try and never lose sight of my Life List. Well, almost. 

I always make more plans and resolutions than I can keep up with. After all, what is life if you don't aim for the impossible. And, yes, everything is a big deal for me. Everything. I'm never too far away from shedding a few tears. Movie bawler? That's me. You get the picture. Or so I hope.

I'm always complaining about my weight. The plan to Gym has been in the pipeline forever. So has the plan to quit smoking. Sigh. Imma get to it soon. I promise!

The name of this blog (Yellow Roman Candles) is after my favourite quote by Jack Kerouac. Read it HERE!

I try and be active on 20sb.net (20 Something Blogger Community) & BlogHer.com. Just because I think it's really cool and honestly I love them :)



Sanhita said...

Pooja: This is crazy but you sound a lot like me except I quit smoking but I never made my way to the gym.. lol!

Himanshu Negi said...

Hey pooja or diya I don't know what's you name, but I appreciate your writing. Keep it up.

btw I hope it's great to work for google.

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