January 6, 2012

Weekend Education: Dating Don'ts Part 4

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OK, here it is again. I told you the Holiday Season should officially be termed the Hook-Up Season. If you remember, I explained how people are desperate to hook up during this time. Most women definitely have their Manhunt Game face on. However, sweet and undeniably adorable that I am, I will tell you how to steer clear of the assholes. Here goes:

Never trust a guy -

1. Who thinks chivalry is for Mills & Boons historic novels.If he doesn't hold the door for you, give you the seat when the tube is crowded, he's not worth it.

2, Wears more jewellery than you. Ok, fine, this may be a more personal kind of a bias, but I do think it's a good benchmark.

3. Makes you pay for his drink. Well, equality and all that is just fine. But if he's interested in you he needs to come over and buy you a drink. Yes, this is what God wants and this is how it shall be.

4. Hits on your friends...what? there's nothing to explain! Take that at face value.

So here's hoping that this year be free of assholes in your life.


1 comment:

Gnetch said...

I agree. With everything. Especially #3. I went out with a guy like that once. He asked me for a second date. I said sure. Then he said if it would be okay if he pays for the movie but I pay for the food. I was like, "Dude, you're not my boyfriend yet. I'm not even sure if I like you."

He didn't get the second date. True story.

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