March 14, 2012

Ecommerce Addict - Done By None

OK, now, I'm pretty much in touch with everything cool that's happening in the virtual world. The latest fads, clothes, websites, twitter trends and I literally stalk

A particular weakness is ecommerce websites in India. I look and scour through so many websites selling umpteen number of designer labels - it's positively mind boggling. However the other day I came across this websites selling the coolest freaking set of handbags a girl could imagine. And oh the candy colors were almost making them look edible. It's this website called

Did I tell you they delivered in 1.5 hours!
Is that freaking super star customer experience or what?! They are launching their apparel collection and, I cannot wait! I've never done a feature like post on any website I have ever visited but for this one...I had to! I even pinned about them. I'm clearly in love :)


Upasana Roy said...

Im in love too... did you know they have live chat... just like a real store - i just told someone i want a purple sling bag and she said... sure here u go... hahahahahahaha... brilliance!!

Abdullahel Kafe said...

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