June 23, 2012

Of Birthdays, Cheap Flights & Stirring In The Heart

So in exactly 5 mins it's P's birthday. Apart from being completely attuned to the time difference I do keep my laptop in India time whenever I travel, like you may know. Also, just like last year I'm missing P's birthday. Again! This obviously sucks more than gravity itself. But anyways... Happy Birthday, P!

And in other things, it pays to be an internet whore. Because this means you dig out EXTREMELY cheap flights to go meet your friend! It's just one of those things that I'm blessed with. Super bargains on the internet, that's my thing.

And alsoit was Life List decision making struggle while I decided if a weekend in Vegas is what I wanted or a few days in NYC.  While Vegas is what I want to do because...well, it's Vegas, NYC is something of a fantasy I've nursed for a very long time. I've always thought I'd feel a stirring in my heart when I finally saw the city. Saw the skyline. And stirring in the heart is always a good winner.

June 22, 2012

The Libran, The Taurean & The Normalcy

This Taurean is not one to make quick decisions about taking on a lover. She likes to take her time...go slow. But this Libran man with his typical charming Libran ways has her saying yes quicker than she ever imagined. Something so unlike her leaves the Taurean's nerves on the edge but of course, all she needs is that charming smile to soothe those edgy nerves.

The Libran with his smile and keen sense of style never has a shortage of admirers. Which is in fact really good, because Miss Taurean tends to get comfortable. Those bevy of admirers keeps her going to the parlor every 2 weeks, keeps her from having too much of those ice creams or keeps her from not doing her nails on time.

But lazy Libran doesn't like to fuss over cleanliness. Taurean on the other hand is obsessive about it. But Mr Libra wants a well kept home and will fly off the handle when he can't find his socks. So for this and this alone he doesn't get in the way of Miss Taurean's cleaning frenzy. Which is perfect as far as Taurean is considered.

But while Taurean will never ask Libran to shower her with affection she will feel resentful if he doesn't. Taureans never ask, they're kind of crazy like that. But in that perfect Libran way he's never far away from appreciation. Or letting Taurean know about the endless possibilities of being together. While Libran is limitless and boundless in his imagination and takes Taurean to places she takes time to get comfortable with...Taurean is limitless and boundless with her love, security and passion.

But oh how she hates the PDA. But how unfazed is Libran because he knows she will warm up to it. All the Taurean woman wants is her sense of stability and security and routine. When PDA becomes routine, she stops complaining. Libran knows that very well. He's smart like that. And it is this intellectual bent of mind because of which Ms Taurean loves to have this big debates and important life conversations with Libran. While they both love beauty it is this connection they have at a different level that keeps them going. Strong.

So this Taurean brings some semblance of reality and stability into the intellectual, crazy about beauty and love, strong believer of endless possibilities and never quite jaded Libran. While the Libran is busy wooing her with his boundless ideas and affection when she's too grounded. Or putting her before him when she forgets about herself. Or just just plain dragging her out of the clutches of normalcy that she tends to gravitate towards.

Thank you for being my anti-normalcy drug, B!

June 21, 2012

City Of Bay Watch

When I was young we didn't have many rules at our household. There were in fact only two rules: 1) Be polite & nice to everybody & 2) Finish your food. And, secretly, there were times when we didn't follow them. Oh, we did get caught. After all there are only so many innovative ways of getting rid of a glass of milk.

The point is I grew up watching Santa Barbara and The Bold And The Beautiful. And then Bay Watch. Oh the times when Mitch ran across the beach. And for the life of me I couldn't understand why the other parents fussed so much about watching these soaps or series or whatever. It was only natural I wanted be running along with them in that beautiful city of Bay Watch.

Well, I'm here now. Not exactly running. Sleeping most of yesterday to be precise.

I can't wait to go to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Venice Beach, Hollywood City etc etc. But for obvious reasons it's taking me time to turn into a Tourist Ninja. For starters, unlike London, the public transport system SUCKS. So I'll have to find my way around here...and look for the best ways to travel. If anyone, from LA if reading this...please be nice enough to leave some tips.I'll write a whole post on you and your blog. Doesn't matter how crappy unique or offbeat it is. And I'm loving this perfect beach weather...

Then I will meet Jackass. Yes, the same one who runs in lightning speed during an earthquake. Ooooh...I cannot wait.

PS: Mr. B is is the WORST when it comes to long distance communication. Laziness thy name is ...well, that's only for me to know :) For all of you it's still Mr. B.

June 15, 2012


"I want to travel the world." If you've been around me enough you would've heard this a fair number of times. But when it actually comes down to it I get this weird, can't put a finger on it, heart at the pit of my stomach kind of feeling. And, no, its not just about travelling alone. Maybe when I'm with others the sinking feeling is a little less...but its definitely there. I don't know if it's about keeping numerous vital documents with you, the long hours, the worry of having left something behind or the running around that becomes mandatory everytime you travel - but all you see of me, a couple of days prior to the journey, is a pile of nerves.

On the other side of the flight journey, though, is a Tourist Ninja.

June 12, 2012

Unpacking The Baggage

Zipping past India Gate in a late summer night I realized how little time I take out to actually admire the beauty of this city. My city. With the windows rolled down and the warm wind blowing my hair into a crazy tangle, I felt exhilarated. Out of breath. I felt almost as much in love with this city as I was that summer, that summer I turned 18. That summer when I fell in love with the huge red building of my Alma Mater. That summer when I kicked shyness in the butt and made some awesome friends. That summer when I was overwhelmed with the course the lecturer laid out in front of me. That summer when I found hidden Chinese food joints. That summer when I had my first real swig of Beer. That summer when I discovered myself. That summer when I stepped onto the Train Station and knew the city was mine.

It is true. You don’t choose New Delhi, New Delhi chooses you. It will leave you exasperated with crime rates and power cuts. The summers will make you swear to not come back again. It’ll corrode your soul a little every day. You’ll promise yourself you’ll run. But you see, you can’t. For what it takes, it gives you more. Always and in many ways. For some the people they learn to live with and love. For some the jobs that take care of everything they love. For some the empowerment that comes from driving events that shape the political history of a country. For some the love.

For me? I don’t know where to start. Was it the thrill of finally knowing who I am or what food I liked? Or my first painful love story. Or the first time I waded through knee-high water. Or my first successful shot at bargaining. Maybe it was the growing up and finding a soul mate.

Point is be it a person or a city, they can load you with a lot of baggage (no shit!). But the reason I stay on  is that it also helps me unpack my baggage. Gives me moments in time when I can just throw myself on the bed, stare at the ceiling and not care about a damn thing. How can you leave a city which helps you unpack your baggage? I wish I was one of those people who can just up and leave at the drop of a hat. Maybe they have it easier. But I can’t and never will.

And then I turn to look at the person sitting next to me.

And how can you leave a person who has helped you unpack your baggage? If it ever comes to leaving everything behind, this man right next to me, I’m taking. We can unpack together.

June 11, 2012

I Had A Conversation With Little Me

WHAT IS IT? Why are you stalking me? Either I'm hallucinating or you've become a certified stalker!
I think you're hallucinating.
Well, that won't be surprising. This fever is sucking the life blood out of me. What are you doing her anyway? You're way past your bedtime.
Well, you of all people should know that I don't have a bedtime. Folks are chill like that.
Fine. But, again, what are you doing here?
Thought I'd pay you a visit. Things are changing aren't they?
Hmm, yes. They are. But I like these changes, you know. I guess you wouldn't know, you're too young.
Oh Gawd! Stop calling me young! Well, first I wanted to check with you and second that sister of ours is too much trouble. I thought I'd get away for a while.
Haha. Don't worry about it. By the time you hit 20 she'll be one of your best friends. You'll have hour long conversations with her on weekends about nothing at all. Laugh about random things that you won't even remember later.
Fine. I'll take your word for it. I mean I have to, don't I? But there's this other thing....or rather this other boy. He's moving! I mean I can't imagine. I've crushed on him for so long and now he's moving. I never even got to tell him anything. That's not fair is it? What if I regret it for the rest of my life and what if I die lonely?
Well, one thing's for sure you'll always be a drama queen. 13, 21, 25 - drama is your way of life. But that boy? Yeah, he was a good one. And he'll also be the first of your friends to get married...
Wait...WHAT?! Are you serious? I think I'm going to pass out from this physical pain.
If I was any healthier I would've rolled my eyes right now. No, you're not going to pass out. Relax. Well you won't be affected when that happens and you'd actually be really happy for him, you know?
 No, I don't know! I can't imagine me being...
Can I finish? Well, you will be happy. So deal with it. He will go on to be one of your really good friends...you might lose in touch though but you won't regret anything about this. I'd wish you were a lot more proactive about keeping in touch.
 Yeah, well. I'll atleast have the Super Seven with me all my life.
First, that's the lamest name ever. Second, don't count on that.
[Groan] You're like the bearer of the worst pieces of information ever.
What? I'm not saying you will stop being friends. Just some of you may not be around all the time. Some of you will go to far away places, do really well for yourselves and will always remember each other fondly. Also, you'll make some helluva friends that will mean more to you than you can possibly imagine right now.
Who are these friends?
Nope. Can't tell you that.
Sometimes you gotta let the magic happen without knowing all about it.
So tell me about these changes, huh?
What's there to tell? You know about them, that's why you're here, right?
Yea, obviously. But I want to know all about it. Tell me!
What did I tell you about magic just now. Ask me something else.
Will Pizza always be my favorite food?
Uhh...No. And thank God for that, my metabolism couldn't take the assault.
Utter Crap! A little bit of Pizza is going to do nothing.
 Yea, well, cherish the super brill metabolism while it's still there. And you'll start loving rice and all the glory of the Bengali food. Don't make that face. You will. And mangoes. You will start loving mangoes like no other fruit.
 I know, mom never stops trying to feed me some mangoes. Ha! And that rice, mango and Bengali food thing should be interesting.
Yes, so off you go! You're giving me a headache already.
Wow, so cranky.
 I know. Blame it on the fe-fe-fe-fe-fe-fever!
Never mind. And do me a favor, don't crave to be 25. It's not as glamorous as you think it is. I mean, okay, more fun definitely. But on and off you will crave to be in that sleepy town. So spend more time with the folks and stop bullying little sis.
God, you're all about the lectures these days aren't you? Anyway, I'll try. [Smiles]

June 8, 2012

Let It Be!

I was watching a video the other day (with a friend) about this girl who ranted away on how you shouldn't feel pressurized to get married as soon as you reach the so called marriageable age and how its OK to not run after a home, husband and kids. Basically it's OK to wait and what not.

But my point is, if I was getting married in say the near future (and I was that impressionable) this video would have made me feel pressurized and gulp down a couple of beers in the least. I mean WHAT THE FUCK?! It's a problem if you don't get married and now it's a problem and if you DO get married...can you girls decide? And why why why do we need to have norms!

In our quest of trying to liberate us from making choices that we did not want we are trying to tie us down with logic that never was. What you do with your life is your choice. I don't want to feel weird if I'm with the right person at the right time and wanting to get married. And god forbid if I'm in the 'right age to marry' bracket. I'm not doing it because of the pressure to do certain things at a certain age. I'm doing it because I genuinely want to.

If I'm able to live on my own and pay for my education (well half of it anyway) since the last 10 years. If I'm able to vote for the country. I think, I think, I would know when to get married. It's no pressure, really. It's these fucking FB statuses and blog posts from these 20-somethings that are so baffling. Ridic!

So yea, before you jump into your monologues about when someone should marry, at what age, to whom - so on and so forth...think again. It's all about living and letting the others live too, right?

June 1, 2012

After The Radio Silence

I know. Radio silence can be a bitch. And that’s all you got here off late.

But can you identify with the time when you’re life has nothing exciting and you’re just lazing around one day after another with no motivation of doing anything at all? Well, the past few weeks were NOTHING like this. I’ve been hella busy! With work (but, of course) and in my personal space as well.

And if you thought I was complaining….hell, no! I’m soaking in every minute of my crazy busy schedule that is eventually going to lead into one of the most important days in anybody’s life. So yea, I’m good. Mr. Cool-as-cucumber-boyfriend is coping quite well too. Except the times when you know the day has dealt you more than what you can handle. On days like that you will hear random shite like “This is my driving face.” But it’s time to say b-bye to the driving face thanks to the abnormal  hike in petrol prices last week. People went berserk it affected the nation’s travel plans and my swimming plans.

With “b-bye Driving Face” comes “Hello Metro/Subway/Tube.” Honestly, though it is slightly cumbersome to travel for an hour in the Delhi Metro, thanks to the huge distances, it’s also insanely fun. Oh, the variety of people that you meet and see!

There’s always the girl who cannot get enough of phone conversations with her boyfriend. Sitting or standing she’s always animatedly talking into the phone.
And the bunch of girls who discuss every minute aspect of their lives with each other in their loud voices, as result subjecting the entire Women’s compartment to a narration of life in her shoes. Boyfriend’s cheating, work sucks, husband’s lazy. You name it and I bet she’s facing that problem.
And then there are the ones that like to play music out loud. From their phones. Oblivious of the ‘No loud music’ signs carefully stuck above the doors and everywhere else.
The women who hop in to the metro and do their very best to exude an air that says “I never take public transport…but my car broke down/driver called in sick etc etc.”
Oh, the women with the kids. Who let their kid run around the entire metro screaming, squealing, punching random people and more. It’s safe to say that the entire crowd lives in the fear of actually having do deal with these moving/running/squealing time bombs.
And then there are the likes of me. Who sit, look around, listen to some music (not loudly) and observe people. Carefully toeing the line between being aloof and downright creepy.

I can’t wait for the entertainment to start.
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