The Life List

I have a Life List. Yes. In my I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me life I have a few (or more than a few) things that I want to make happen. So that at least those few times in my life I don't go like, "Why the FUCK is this happening to me?!?!" OR "What the FUCK, did that just happen to me?!"

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

  1. Go backpacking for at least 2 weeks.
  2. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  3. Dance beneath the moonlight with that special someone (Jan 1, 2010) 
  4. Get kissed in the rain
  5. Read 100 books in a year
  6. Go to the gym thrice a week for 3 months straight
  7. Send someone roses for no reason at all
  8. Not eat fast food for a whole month
  9. Go vegetarian for a month
  10. Visit 30 Cities Before I turn 30.
  11. Get a second tattoo
  12. Stay out all night dancing (Oct 2009, Aqua)
  13. Bungee Jumping
  14. Have sex on the kitchen counter top
  15. Attend a major music concert (Kings Of Leon, Hyde Park, London - June 23, 2011; Fat Boy Slim, Delhi, May 2012)
  16. Start putting 10% of my paycheck into savings
  17. Not buy new clothes or shoes for 2 months.
  18. Learn to drive like a pro - reverse, parallel park et al
  19. Learn to Bake like Mom
  20. Cook a full three course meal for family, boyfee, friends
  21. Learn Spanish and French. Become conversational in both.
  22. Get Married. On the beach. Barefoot.
  23. Write a handwritten letter to Grandma
  24. Spend a whole weekend at a high end Spa (Jaipur, Cambay Resort/Spa - Aug 2011)
  25. Take dance lessons.
  26. Take a Winery tour.
  27. Lose 3 inches on my waist :)
  28. Ride a hot air balloon with Blackberry
  29. Go to a John Mayer concert
  30. Visit a National Park. Corbett comes to mind.
  31. Be able to afford a vacation for a friend and me.
  32. Visit all the 4 fashion capitals of the world. (London- Check, New York - Check)
  33. Visit/Stay/Love NYC (Check)
  34. Go on a mini-Eurotrip
  35. Go on a soul vacation with my Sister.
  36. Travel alone (For Leisure)
  37. Quit Smoking
  38. Go white water rafting  (Hrishikesh, March 4 - March 6, 2011)
  39. Buy a cookbook and make every single recipe in it.
  40. Reach a 5 year mark on my Blog without taking a sabbatical
  41. Swim the whole summer for 3 Summers atleast
  42. Teach kids
  43. Go on a cruise
  44. Ride pillion on a bike all night.
  45. Keep a pet dog. Love it to bits.
  46. Drive all night.
  47. Go to Vegas for a whole weekend.
  48. Work at an NGO
  49. Learn Sign Language
  50. Attend a Oprah Winfrey Show

~Under construction~


Maryx said...

I love your list! Makes me want to make one of my own!

PG said...

Go ahead! Do it! Oh the joy of striking off something on your list :)

yogini said...

All the Best!

Mrinalini said...

Number 2 could have happened in Mumbai had we got off our asses early that morning! :P

Mrinalini said...

Umm - No. 15. Kings of Leon?!?! Or is that not MAJOR enough for you :P I think 15=29 right? :P

Bishakha said...

Whaaaaat??? Are you kiddin me? I have never come across another person who has the same list as mine (well, almost same)- Except #14- instead of kitchen counter top, its a virgin beach for me..LOL!! Also, I remember all the fuss around #25 while we shared a flat :-P
Love your blogs. Makes me feel I am talking to you (rather listening to you, u hardly let me talk) in person.

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