September 26, 2012

Long Distance Birthday & Being Alone...

... are both things that I apparently suck at. 

There's something very not fun about it being your boyfriend's birthday when he's not in the country. But there is something extremely exciting about knowing that he's living his dream! That’s how I’m spending this September 26, the day the boyfee was born.

Speaking of birthdays, first time since I left home, which is more than 8 years, I was at home for Dad’s birthday. This kind of turned out well because we got to shop along with Dad and eat beautiful Bengali food. However, this is the year where vacations to go home is nothing like, well…vacations. This is the year when I spend ridiculous amounts on things I usually wouldn’t invest in and not to mention the liberal dose of how-to-save-money conversations with the folks.

So with B living it up in the states and my mini-home-vacation over I have the house all to myself. Which, funnily enough, I don’t like much. I used to live by myself for almost 4 straight years. 2 years I stayed with this girl who used to pull night shifts and we’d only meet on Sundays – which obviously doesn’t count as staying with a person. It’s like meeting the woman in the local salon every 2 weeks. Anyhow, I used to love living alone with a vengeance. With all the things that I could possibly need on one side of my double bed and me on the other. Amazing stuff, that! And I remember the apprehension within me when I finally made the decision to properly move in with Uroy and then B. I thought it was the end of an era, which it kind of was.

Now with the entire house to myself I can’t get myself to do it. To stay alone. So I’m running to URoy’s place. Not that it’s any better because the bitch and a half made me watch Paranormal Activity 3 till 1:30 in the morning and then to “erase the bad memory” as P puts it we talked about past life regression analysis and how trauma of a previous life continue into other lives and recurring nightmares and what they could mean. And because talking about nightmares and past life regression never helped anybody sleep well I’m trying not fall asleep on my keyboard by writing this post.

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