October 11, 2012

The Best & The Worst

I had a weird week. The best and worst.

I had the best time because Boy is back. Also, last weekend I spent playing "Colorman, Colorman" with 4 grown-ass people in their late 20s. Wait...what? You don't know the game? It's where one person has their back towards everybody else and others shout "Colorman, Colorman, what color do you choose?". Now, colorman chooses a color, turns and starts running towards the others. If he catches you before you touch anything of the same mentioned color you become the colorman. It's fun but also potentially life threatening when you are playing it with 180 pound 6 feet guy.

I discovered I shriek. A lot. Exactly what I did when I was way younger. Somethings really don't change. Uroy is mostly in denial, will hold on to a blue curtain and say "It's green!". Aruni is mostly letting us be crazy and tripping on air like her usual self. P... *insert side splitting laughter* thinks we are conning him because he knows only 10 colors.

Also, I got my nose pierced. A finally got me to do it. Though I threatened to kill her if anything went wrong. She was unfazed. And the good thing is that I have an amazingly high threshold for pain. And I kind of like it now that it's done.

The worst because URoy is leaving. She is the most unsocial, lazy, whiny, paranoid at time, sarcastic, mean girl I have ever met and she is my friend because of those very reasons. I love her and I hate goodbyes. Everything said and done no matter how much she changes, how many kids she has, how many times she gets married - she will always be the girl I can kick back with with a pint of beer and talk about things I probably wouldn't talk about with most people. I've always hated goodbyes and as I grow older I hate it more. Especially when it's saying goodbye to people you consider family. And P is going too...ofcourse, those stupid love birds. And you can't help but not miss that gentle giant of a guy. Here's to amazing beginnings!

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