February 1, 2013

Tackle Later!

I'm glad for friends who understand when I can't make it for a night out or a party or just a lazy sleepover. Especially, since nowadays I'm drowned for all the wedding work. The last thing I need is someone breathing down my neck for some such silly thing. As it turns out not only am I taking care of my things, but heavily involved in what Mr. B has to take care of. Because let's be honest, all B has are lazy bones in his body. And with less that 3 months to go...i'm in a whirlwind of crazy right now.

I mean I love writing. But I haven't, for over a month. There is no time. Hopefully, it is all worth it in the end. Because right now weekdays have merged into weekends and so on and so forth. Moreover, a couple of friends are in town who cant be there for the wedding...and I want to meet them and catch up. I feel my head is going to burst into a zillion pieces at any moment.

And for the ones who don't understand, I'm just trying to keep my calm with them. I'm just going to put all of them in a box labeled 'Tackle Later.' Honestly, I want to have time for them, for chats in pub, for myself even. But I can't... not with 80 odd days left. It's like a time warp right now where minutes, hours and days have merged into one big ball of nothing.

I miss URoy with her drive to finish things. Yes, she's a 'finisher'. Had she been here, between the 2 of us i would have finished with my wedding trousseau AND hers as well. Well, you can only hope for so much I guess.

I'm ready to wage a war against time, schedules, tailors, clothes, unending clothes, air tickets, food, keeping fit, sleeplessness and work. Everything else that crosses my path, I will 'Tackle Later.'

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