December 28, 2010

There Is Always A Reason

Some Sing. Some Dance. Some Write. No matter who you are and what you do there is always a reason. It sets you free, it keeps you sane, it let's you vent.

I write. I am the quintessential notepad and fountain pen writer. I like it that way. And yes, not only does it set me free but it keeps me sane too. I have never really liked the idea of blogs. Don't get me wrong, reading blogs is 'my thing.' I love reading them, getting a glimpse of other people's life, relating to their problems, happiness, uncertainties. For a moment in time, you forget your life's struggles and it almost doesn't exist. Yes, almost. I just never thought I'd be able to carry on with a blog, commit to it for that matter. I like that flow of energy and the feel of the fountain tip on paper when I write. Your thoughts, emotions given life by the intricacies of the English language. I just cannot explain what I really feel about writing.

So why this blog, and why now? I need to keep that head of mine. I need to be sane. A lot of things are happening and I need that outlet called Writing. Because, in life, somethings you are not meant to deal with and you can only do things to make you feel better about what's happening around you and to you. Writing makes me feel better. And, starting now, I'm gonna do just that. And yes, if you're wondering why did I choose a blog all of a sudden (since I wasn't ga-ga over it earlier), it's because I have always had this weird, misplaced sense of responsibility towards life & earth & humankind. This is my 2 cents towards saving Planet Earth. I'm gonna save on those papers.


Nobody's Diary said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower...I try to always start from the beginning. So here I am! From what I caught from skimming the digital pages, I think I could possibly become attached! So I'm a new follower and I hope we both have a chance to learn each other.

Chymere H.

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