January 5, 2012

Why Was It So Good?

The other day one of my friends asked me - why was your 2011 so good?!

For a moment I didn't know what to say..I mean why was it good? I think I just came out of that year feeling like things were okay. They could have been worse, but they were not. But then, she told me a series of things that I know didn't go too well for me..and asked me if I still felt the same or was it the alcohol on 31st that made the whole year look good. As if!

She wasn't trying to drop me in the despair zone...but I think was looking for a way to see if she should be feeling happy about 2011 at all. Because I will admit, 2011 wasn't her year.

Then I thought there MUST be something more than me feeling "Oh, I came out of the year feeling good!" What were the things that made me happy?

- For starters, after a really long time I got something solid going with a guy whom I adore and who loves me back equally if not more.

- Second, I was beyond ecstatic when I realized that my parents saw the side of B that I fell in love with and actually really loved him! I was more grateful for the fact that they did not make a fuss about religion/caste or what not like most households. They showed the exact same values that they taught us growing up. It's very important for your parents to not fail you at any time...

- Over the course of the year some of us became a family away from home.

- I also realized no matter what people say there are some people who will remain friends and it doesn't matter if they're Down Under, Or partying with Uncle Sam or just rotting 2 buildings away.

- It's IMP to have a BFF. Or two. You need a little perspective when everything else fails.

- Sometimes you need a little push and a shove to get out of your comfort zone. Once there, you could be braving it better than anybody else.And things that matter, don't change just because you changed jobs.

So while, there will be times when the breath is knocked out of you and the ground is pulled from under you and, in either case, you fall, you just have to make sure there's someone to catch every such fall. In case the fall is too bad and they fall with you, make sure you laugh it off.

Because everyday does not need to be a battle. Choose your fights. And choose your Army. Because on days that you think you can't fight no more or that the fight is over, your army is what will carry you forward.

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