December 27, 2012

No Country For Women & No Year For Analysis

So it’s time to wrap up the year. Christmas is over…New Year is looming over our heads. It’s been while since I’ve even seen my freaking blog, thanks to inhumane amounts of work that was lined up. But during the time I did not write all hell broke loose around me…us. A Khap leader went on to say that Fast food and Chinese food are the reasons that rape happens in our country, but that’s not all, he said this on national television. A fundamentalist leader who’s means and intentions have always been questionable passed away, and so many were affected like you wouldn’t believe. Couple of girls got arrested for just Facebooking about how his death should not be affecting a city like Mumbai or some such thing. A pre-med student got beaten to pulp and gang-raped in the Capital. In the middle of all the ruckus and protests for a better life for women in this country my problems seemed too vain and too trivial to start on.

But I have to. At some point you know. With time speeding towards my wedding I’m edging more towards the bridezilla zone. I’m nervous and I feel like nothing is getting done. The thing about weddings is what you happens and what you dream of might be VASTLY different. What’s common is in both scenarios it’ll end up being perfect. So that’s what I’m hoping for. I mean right off the top of my head I can atleast name 50 different things that need being done and my problem is I just cannot for the love of God delegate. I need to be involved in every minute detail.

Décor? What color? Food? How many courses? Is there going to be enough fish? Guests? Where will they stay and how? Wedding favors?

I mean I can easily delegate these to SuperMom and SuperDad and they’ll take care of it. But I just can’t. And I haven’t found the perfect dress for the wedding reception and I’m losing sleep and hair over how I’ll never find it. I expected weddings to be less stressful. God knows why.

And I haven’t been able to shed even an ounce of weight which is basically causing a lot of stress. So as you can imagine much to my chagrin I discovered that stress actually causes excess abdominal fat. So now not only do I need to obsessively be involved in all the planning but do it with genuine happiness.

All in all I’m just happy that this year is over. It was such a cocktail of good, bad and ugly life events that I don’t have the energy to actually analyze. I’m just gonna let it be.

This country is no country for women and this year is no year for analysis.

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Astha Alang said...

dude i didn't know stress causes abdominal fat gain!! :P

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