May 23, 2013

Wedding Times - Proud Owner Of A Husband

I attended 2 weddings in a span of less than 3 weeks. Let me tell you, it's brutal - mentally, physically & financially. Especially when one of those weddings is yours.

My wedding was everything I just knew it would be – last minute travels, too much alcohol, too many people going bonkers, super duper long wedding day (owing to our insistence on get married according to both our cultures), hungover morning, late late nights, family togetherness, shameless flirting friends, meeting new people. And so much more!

Here are a few of the wedding shots:
Hindu Ceremony

Muslim Ceremony
Tying the knot (literally!)
That is after lots of booze :)

My best part about weddings has always been the friendships that form and the love that flows after copious amounts of alcohol. How can you not love that? And the incurable flirting…what’s a wedding without people trying to randomly hook up, right?

All in all, it was one of the most eventful days in our lives. Now that we’ve settled into our normal lives again, I can’t say I’ll do it all over again if I could – because let’s face it having your self weighed down with tons of jewelry, makeup and clothes can only seem doable for a few days.

Also, if, by chance, I was craving any more wedding my friends P & U were getting married 3 weeks from our D day (that is a story for another post). Hungover, tired and with aching feet when I finally slept in my bed on Monday, I thought - "that’s it! I’m DONE with them weddings!" Who was I kidding? 2 of my lovelies gets married in September, what’s more, this email that I received two hours ago comes with all the dates and stuff. And so starts the Wedding mania again. Dear diet, here I come (Which is good, because I’ve exploded after my wedding, thanks to enormous amounts of food, alcohol and dinner parties). Also, booking tickets, getting clothes ready…but but but…I have a husband now. I’ll make him work. He has to right? It’s his job isn’t it?

Sometimes I wish I was less delusional.

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