June 16, 2011

Do It Like a Londoner! (Public Transport Ninja & Pg on Steroids)

The tube, the rush, the pace, the crazy busy lives, the architecture, the weather, the people - London is exactly what they show in the movies, exactly like I had imagined it would be!

But I ASSURE you I can rock the whole 'Londoner' thing and how! I am GOOD with the tube lines and stations. I actually I was good at it from get-go, almost like Public Transport Ninja! Also, I walk in that crazy pace that locals walk in. It's almost like a fire-breathing dragon is chasing you, kind of.

Also, I'm probably more touristy than most people. I'm the tourist you see with a camera (or camera phone) at ALL TIMES. I have captured Big Ben from 1001 angles. But to avoid being a murder target of my friends, I usually avoid uploading all of them on Facebook.

Also, I've been doing so much more than I do back home! I'm up by 6:30 and in office by 8:30. Working at lightning pace till 6 and then out to explore the city. End the night with a couple of drinks in a pub. By the time I'm back it's 11-11:30 PM. Basically I'm doing 17 hour days. It's like me on steroids!

The ONLY Flipside to this situation: I have Monica hair which curls up in humid weather. So I basically go around with something like an Afro on my head. Hideous, really!


upasana said...

hahahahaha! I can imagine you with the monica hair - but can't really imagine you as a transport ninja!

miss you PG, come back soon <3

Toni Rose said...

gahaha :) so jealous! and a tourist indeed!!!!

and, im soooo really loving your lay out :S

Subtle Expressions said...

i love your blog, yet again and the design template more so. Honest confession, i looked for this and tried hard to emulate, but somethings should be just be left as they are.
As for the post, wow that was vivid and somehow its so easy for me to imagine you fitting in. Keep em coming... pseudo londoner

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