June 22, 2011


True Story: With really really good friends and best friends, no matter how much time has elapsed since you've met them you'll always end up falling into comfortable rhythm of exchanging even the minutest details of your existence, details of your boys and life in general, it never feels foreign.

So comfortable in this realization I made my journey from London Marleybone to Birmingham Snow Hill. The 2 hour long journey didn't seem too long, what with all the uber pretty scenery all around me. I tried taking pictures but the run down smartphone camera didn't do any justice to what I saw. I reached Naina's uni and a glass of Guinness was waiting for me...chilled and all. That girl is really after my heart. I won't bore you with the details of an extremely girly weekend evenly sprinkled with fun and craziness and lots of wine.

The highlights of the was a massive shopping spree, Stratford-Upon-Avon, getting attacked by a Swan, the goodbye and missing my train. I almost didn't make it to Stratford, thinking it would be a good idea to shop rather than seeing Shakespeare's birthplace. You know since it's been quite some time since the dude's said hello to God and is not really around to appreciate my interest. Almost. I knew I'd have none of that when Naina said 'Shut Up! Let's Go.' I just knew there was no winning there.

While we were in the throes of re-living our childhood by trying to remember everything about the perfect childhood we had. Now that we look back, everything was exactly what made a perfect childhood undiluted by PSPs, Laptops & drugs. Anyhoo, I don't have time for reminiscing with the super busy work days.

Also, I'm particularly excited since Sagnik promised that he's going to give me the a major 411 on his boyfriend or the one who he wants as his boyfriend and cook some lip-smacking Indian food for me. Now right there are two things I love, relationship stories AKA others business & food.

In other things, day after tomorrow, is the birthday of a VERY good friend of mine and the whole effing gang is going to party, drink, misbehave - you know what we usually do. And I'm going to miss it. I'm FUCKING pissed about it. FUCKING PISSED. I want to be there MORE than I want to be there in Scotland. And their pings are only making me more homesick.

But really, no place is fun unless you have the right people to hang out with. I clearly have more fun at home (no sexual innuendo intended). Ok I'm gonna go, walk to Leicester square (no biggie) and clear my mind, take that edge off, you know. My backs been horrible, but I'm a superhero. Oh I didn't tell you about that? That's a story for another post...catch you cats later!


upasana said...

Fine! Won't ping you till you are back! :| btw- im heading to kol tomorrow, so won't be able to see Kazmi rolling on the airport floor and crying/howling/hugging - please take snaps LOL! (that guy is worse than a teenage girl when it comes to love drama)

See you on Sunday PG! <3

PG said...

hahahha...best imagery happening in my head right now!!!

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