June 15, 2011

What..Why...Ughh...FUCK IT! I'm In London!

I had made a conscious choice to not do a elaborate quarter life crisis post in my blog, because I believed I would never face it. Till I did. There is reason to me not being in action in this Blog in the past 2 weeks. Post vacation trauma added to the injury, I imagine. There were things that were looking bleak and every day I'd get up thinking 'What the hell am I doing with this life?' and 'Is this really what I want?' It was just a really bad patch. I mean I still don't have any definites in terms of knowing what to do and all, but those 2 weeks were, well...nightmarish. Did not help that Mr. B was going through the same throes of crisis induced thinking, ya know?

But then I blinked and I was on a plane to London. This was in the making for, well, 2 weeks but I did not think about it much till only like a couple of days were left. I almost wrote that quarter life piece on this blog. London saved you guys from being assaulted with THAT!

I'm doing the whole touristy thing. I've got Tower Bridge, River Thames, Big Ben, London Eye, Oxford Street (Without the shopping), King's Cross, The British Library checked off my list already! And it's been only 3 days! I'm telling you there is no replacement for awesomeness. 

And all this in the face of an obstacle called - 'Someone-Who-Talks-Nonstop-In-Baby-Voice'

No really, yesterday, I saw the majestic charm of Big Ben and I wanted my moment of peace while soaked in the beauty. But trust me the beauty-soaking regimen is no mean task when you have someone saying 'Oh My Goooood. This is so beautiful. Aren't we lucky? My Dad has seen this. He's taken pictures. Some 30 years back! I have to call home and tell them I saw this....(my mind switching off)' I know all of this! I could do without the verbal onslaught, REALLY?!

So it's just been working like a maniac all day, traveling to places like a maniac in evenings. At this rate, I could very well pass out for a couple of days by the end of this trip. Also, I probably should increase my intake of energy drinks because I've been OD-ing on excitement and adrenaline, thanks to the thought of meeting Naina and already meeting Sagnik.

In the midst of all this, I've kept my Laptop and Phone times on IST (Indian Standard Time), I don't know why, but it makes me miss you and the guys a little less. I'll look at the time, it'd be 12:30PM and I'd be like, 'Oh, they'll be lunching.' or it'd be 3PM and I'll go 'Ahhh...afternoon smoke break.'

London is great, but, you are better, B! (honest) 


Nas said...

Miss you guys? 8-).
I'm not in India :P.
And you never told me you were visiting my home town, good ole' London.

Hope you have a great time here!
There's so much to do, and so much to see!
The weather's quite nice as well ;)

PG said...

I've been crazy busy! we should meet, Nas!

Toni Rose said...

there is indeed no place for awesomeness!!!! I totally am in the same page with you..

i was in the states for vacation last yr for 6 months. it was fun. and i didnt think of career or graduate school during vacation and i though ill just think about it when i go home. iwent back in december, tried to think about work but then i still had travel plans for january so i said ill post pone career after the holidays.

but then come february. i woke up. and i was on a plane again back to the US. for SIX MONTHS AGAIN.


totalling a year of doing nothing career related!


but then i eventually learned not to dwell on the crisis too much and just enjoy what life has to give me now..

i mean, a lot of people would really envy us right now. .... so might as well enjoy it :))

i wish i woke up to a flight to london

upasana said...

Keep ur cool- don't stab momota pishi! I know she can be overbearingly annoying at times! Just have fun kthxbye!

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