April 2, 2012

New Baby = More Complicated Strategy For Eloping

I like to Elope. Once in a while. Yea, you read that right. I like to Elope.

Whenever I'm all Blah and there's nothing interesting happening I have a fake conversation with B.

"Let's Elope!"

His first reaction ever was - "But why baby? we don't need to, do we? Is there something I need to know?" Yes, it's safe to say he was scared. But then he started playing along and got even more creative than I normally do.

keep your bags packedI'll come to pick u up
  and you come down from your balcony
  I'll throw a rock at your window

Yes, I love crazy pillow talk.

But now we have a new baby. Our neeeewww car :) It looks fab, runs like butter and even has those lights that switch on once you slide open the mirror on the sun visor (my favoritest feature). No points for guessing that both of us are seriously crushing on this new baby. I should probably put up a picture. Anyhoo. This changes a few things though. How?

12:20 AM
Me: Lets' Elope, man.
B: How will we earn money?
Me: We don't need to. We'll sell beer or something.
B: But how will we buy fuel for our carrrr.


Yes, this definitely changes a few things.

1 comment:

Upasana Roy said...

i saw the light on the mirror thingy! sooo effing cool :)

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