May 10, 2012


10 days back I watched Avengers. I fell in love with the movie instantly. So both B and I went to watch it again. It's actually one of those movies you don't really get tired of. One of my favorite parts?

Apart from that when Capt America goes... "Hulk...Smash!" and Hulk goes berserk. This baby is slowly climbing the movie charts into being my top 5 movies of all times.

How I wish we could "Hulk...Smash!" through life. Just bulldoze through all the work, unpleasantness, uncomfortable parts of our lives.I mean of course life wouldn't be as much fun but atleast you don't have to face that asshole after 12 hours of work who wants to suddenly switch lanes or the slow poke who takes 10 mins to pay 20 bucks at the toll gate.

It's interesting how both examples are driving related. It gets on my nerves even when I don't do the driving. Imagine B actually doing the driving. So even when I thought that he'd absolutely gone nuts when he declared that he now has a driving face (read really unimaginably weird face) I didn't say a thing. I figured he needed the distraction from trying to scream his lungs out and tearing apart the assholes on the road.

City traffic just plain sucks. And B's been so good. Driving me to work, then to the pool so I can pretend I'm losing weight by splashing around and back home. The schedule is literally screaming out for a break. Therefore, Rishikesh it is this weekend. Oh and I can put my camera to some real use :)

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