June 1, 2012

After The Radio Silence

I know. Radio silence can be a bitch. And that’s all you got here off late.

But can you identify with the time when you’re life has nothing exciting and you’re just lazing around one day after another with no motivation of doing anything at all? Well, the past few weeks were NOTHING like this. I’ve been hella busy! With work (but, of course) and in my personal space as well.

And if you thought I was complaining….hell, no! I’m soaking in every minute of my crazy busy schedule that is eventually going to lead into one of the most important days in anybody’s life. So yea, I’m good. Mr. Cool-as-cucumber-boyfriend is coping quite well too. Except the times when you know the day has dealt you more than what you can handle. On days like that you will hear random shite like “This is my driving face.” But it’s time to say b-bye to the driving face thanks to the abnormal  hike in petrol prices last week. People went berserk it affected the nation’s travel plans and my swimming plans.

With “b-bye Driving Face” comes “Hello Metro/Subway/Tube.” Honestly, though it is slightly cumbersome to travel for an hour in the Delhi Metro, thanks to the huge distances, it’s also insanely fun. Oh, the variety of people that you meet and see!

There’s always the girl who cannot get enough of phone conversations with her boyfriend. Sitting or standing she’s always animatedly talking into the phone.
And the bunch of girls who discuss every minute aspect of their lives with each other in their loud voices, as result subjecting the entire Women’s compartment to a narration of life in her shoes. Boyfriend’s cheating, work sucks, husband’s lazy. You name it and I bet she’s facing that problem.
And then there are the ones that like to play music out loud. From their phones. Oblivious of the ‘No loud music’ signs carefully stuck above the doors and everywhere else.
The women who hop in to the metro and do their very best to exude an air that says “I never take public transport…but my car broke down/driver called in sick etc etc.”
Oh, the women with the kids. Who let their kid run around the entire metro screaming, squealing, punching random people and more. It’s safe to say that the entire crowd lives in the fear of actually having do deal with these moving/running/squealing time bombs.
And then there are the likes of me. Who sit, look around, listen to some music (not loudly) and observe people. Carefully toeing the line between being aloof and downright creepy.

I can’t wait for the entertainment to start.

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