May 3, 2012


Yes, we may think we're all destined to play certain roles, but sometimes those roles can unexpectedly change: a nervous student may discover a hidden confidence; a long time wife may confront a harsh reality; a busy mother may find her attention needed elsewhere; and a woman who wanted to do a little bit of good may be finding herself playing a much bigger role than she intended. ~ Mary Alice, Desperate Housewives
Midweek birthdays are not exceptional by any stretch of the imagination. Especially when it's mine. Just hours before my birthday I have been known to become this crabby sorehead who only wants to turn the AC on and sleep.

But over the last couple of years I have grown to accept the fact that some people will always come to wish you when the clock strikes 12 and my perfection of a boyfee will have some arrangements in place no matter how much I make him promise to not do anything at all.
and sometimes he will get the perfect gift .
But for reasons I cannot mention yet this birthday might be more symbolic than others. Might mean a teeny weeny bit more than the others. This birthday might have had me a li'l bit more jittery than others. But the point I'm trying to make is this:
We'll see what happens and where life takes us. For the longest time I have planned and planned for the way
I want things to happen. In my teenage years when I was acing my tests, getting best performer certificates at school level and even doing well in sports I never imagined I would ever not have a plan.I was "The Man With The Plan" - figuratively.

But as I glide into my late 20s expecting bad metabolism to take over I realise I don't have a plan. I'm not sure what's going to happen work-wise, life-wise. I don't even know if I want my proverbial white-picket fence house - I really like my 1st floor flat with an adorable stray dog who comes running to protect me. All I know is that something exceptional is going to, tomorrow, a year later - don't know. Till them I'm just working towards it. For now:

Only things you work on...will happen.
I'm a weird mood, yes. However it can't be easy not knowing where you're heading...or maybe not. See...not sure about absolutely anything, except this:
except it's a "he" in my case
But while I embark on this journey which I don't know anything about, amidst all our crazies and cronies and randomness and nothingness I will atleast have a super fly SLR to record it!

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