July 6, 2012

Being Anonymous

I think we've already established that I like travelling. It’s mainly because I like how a new city feels. Anonymous. Yes, it feels anonymous. You break away from your usual lifestyle and fall into this routine that is mostly not you. I like it. Mostly for a few days before the I crave my usual routine. But right before the craving for familiarity begins I like that whole anonymous feeling. You could walk for miles and not see anything that you know about. Typically I don’t like surprises. If you want to surprise me tell me in advance. But the small surprises that comes with a stroll or a cab ride in a new city is a different rush.

And then in the middle of the break I like to make routines for myself. My life, you could say, is gigantic collage of life lists, routines, weekend rituals, to-do lists. Without these I feel like my life’s spinning out of control. Yea, I’m kinda crazy like that…

 I wasn’t kidding, see?!

So having these mini-routines while I’m away from my real life is important. Very important. Like making coffee first thing in the morning, or the small walk back to the hotel, or responding to my emails at night. It’s funny because I’d never do ANY of those things back home. Walk back home? Physically impossible. Respond to email at night? Sorry, dude, I don’t take work back home.

Also the best part about being here has been my counterpart here who is a Foodie. Yes, with a capital F. He’s taken me around to eat weird Chinese food and the best burger in town and cold tea with tapioca balls. Food is always the best part of going to a new place. But the craving for home is kind of coming at me pretty fast and the euphoria will only last so much. But before that happens, it’s going to be New York tonight. My Life List should be doing a crazy victory dance right now

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