July 27, 2012


It's Friday night, and I'm waiting for the cab to be here so I can leave work and go home...and drink. Also I'm finishing off my weekly status report to send to my manager. Yea, he kind of has trust issues. 9 points down I can't remember anything else and that's not good. I mean that's enough work but a list that has 9 points looks...weird. I mean it should have like even numbers...if the numbers are in fives or tens that's even better. It's like this pet peeve I can't get rid of. But then, I realised there is a 10th point in there.

10. I cleaned up your mess!

With the list complete , mentally of course, I was just looking at random things on Facebook. I just decided that I am GLAD I have benchmarks for certain things in my life. Yes, I do have a ridiculous number of benchmarks but at least it keeps me from turning into people I dont like, or lifestyle I'd rather not have.
  1. I'm never going to hold some one responsible for the mess I have created. Never. Even if I become the CEO or win the damned Noble Prize.
  2. I know some friends who are SO married it just gets on my nerves. I also know friends who act like they are married couple celebrating their 25 years together, when they are only dating. I'm never going to be that married. I'm always going to have at least of couple of friends crashing my place, and I'm always going to do Thursday Ladies night with Pasta and some drinking session with the girls. I have a full proof plan. Pasta is allowed to bitch slap me into another galaxy if I become too married at any point in my life. I can do the same.
  3. Have lazy Friday nights. Lazy weekends? Yes. Friday night? No, sir! I mean why in the world would I sit and laze at home when I'm perfectly healthy and capable of getting drunk and being a nuisance?! I'll act 50 when I'm really 50. No my ideal Friday night will never be drinking coffee and cooking food.
  4. I will not a be a corporate slave or a brand whore. 
  5. I refuse to be an obese couple. This is why I'm waking B up at 6 in the morning to run. He probably hates me by now.
Rest are a little to detailed or personal. But what I;m saying is - Have Benchmarks. Super solid, non-vage, real benchmarks. You don't want to be 50 and be someone you never wanted to be.


Astha Alang said...


Anonymous said...

ur already a corporate bitch
u dont have time for ladies night
and you work late on Fridays

Case dismissed! :|

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