May 17, 2011

3:10 AM Musings

They say somethings are better left unsaid

Sometimes I'm not so sure

they say the best things in life come free.

You know whats the worst?

When you pay for the same things

Whats wrong in giving it all away?

The mind takes over the soul, the heart

That's what happens when you become world wise

Oh what I would not give to get back the innocence of the youth

What happens when you know that across the fence

There is something better

Just out of your reach

What stops you?

The world?

Not likely you know….

Its you, yourself…cowards that we humans tend to be

And yes, maybe you did give it all away

But I can't be sure…

Nice guy…thanks for being so..but…

I can never be sure

I hope you know

Now…did I give it all away?

- Pooja Guha


Nas said...

This is beautiful!
And really hard hitting. *pat on the back for P*

Nas said...

I'm liking the new layout!

Eat and Write said...

It's good to see I'm not the only person awake at 3AM when I shouldn't be :) This is an inspiring and insightful post - I especially like the "what stops you? the world?" part!

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