July 5, 2011


MeghaC: I want to break up, should I go for it?
Me: Huh?!!
MeghaC: Too much effort this long distance is...
Me: I know. His natural instincts will take over anyway
MeghaC: Huh...
Me: Sex

I think, I THINK, I should've told her to stick it out, keep at it, give it sometime. Saying the right thing was never my...well, thing. Thank God she knows it as well.

Veni: Did you get those Android shaped USB drives for me?
Me: Yes! 2 of them!
Veni: Reeeaaaalllyy! You know I love you right?
Me: Yea. But you hide it well, really well.

I miss that girrrlll!! She was my source of pure sarcasm at times (apart from Megha). We have never had a conversation where we've been nice to each other. Hell, I think we didn't even know if we loved or hated each other for a long time! But some cronies be just like that, ya'll.

1 comment:

Veni said...

I have always loved you! I am as excited as you can imagine me to be for having a mention in a blog post!

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