July 6, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Let's Start In Reverse.

The Ugly:

Insecurities! They are ugly and demanding and takes over you more than you want them to, more than you'd ever like them to. So demanding, so pressing in their need to take over your existence that I thought I'd write and vent before I could even start working today. Just to drive some sort of sanity into that head of mine.

Is there really a logic behind it all? But was there ever a logic when it came to love and all the baggage love comes with? The answer I'm afraid is a resounding No. Insecurities are OK to have, as long as they are not the ONLY things you have in a relationship. So what if I'm unreasonable at times, and superbly irritating or even snappy...the heart of it all is that I love you. After all there is some truth in that over used phrase - 'If you can't handle the worst of me, you don't deserve the best of me.' Well, there's nothing to complain really. You handle it well most times (apart from the once in a blue moon flying off the handle thing) ad I'm surprised at how well you do that.

But, hey, the apple is not all rotten! There is a generous sprinkling of both good and bad, spicing things up that way, right?

The Bad:

I'm vain. I'm ridiculous. I'm unreasonable. I'm silly and clumsy. I cry. Like a baby. I fight and expect you to do the making up. I'm lazy. I second guess a lot. I'm moody. I'm demanding. I'm opinionated.

The Good:

I love. Unconditionally. I understand. I accomodate. I take care of you. I'm funny. I've got good hands (no pun intended). I smile. A lot. I make good tea and amazing eggs. Honest. I sing even when I can't. I believe. I always have something to say (Not sure if that fits here).

I don't even know why I'm writing this, just one of those days I guess. Lets submerge myself in those Excel sheets.

1 comment:

Yours Truly said...

Lovely post! You sound like you know yourself REALLY well. I wish I was like that, lol. I am always so confused its ridiculous.

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