July 7, 2011

Dream Man > Dream Job

In 2007 I came across this company that arranged backpacking tours and I said, "This is where I want to work." I declared it my dream job.

Today. That company came up with a job posting. The posting is such that it might give me an edge over the others who apply, provided they are not in the same company as me!

In 2010, I met this boy. I said, "It can't get perfecter." (I'd hate myself if I just jinxed it!).

Is it really a tug of war of Dream Man Vs Dream Job? Well, considering how much whining I did when I was in London, this backpacking thing may or may not be my dream job. It could go both ways, no? And it's in Mumbai! I've had a taste of the city and I dare say it's not like I'm super psyched to be there.

So I'm going to stick with the dream man for now. Because, frankly, I'm not even sure if that's the dream job. Bye Bye Backpacking, Hellloooo Mr B!

PS: Expect a super emotional post pretty soon. This wedding bug is no gooood! AT ALL!


Astha Alang said...

What wedding bug?!

Nas said...

People are worth far more jobs. But that's just my opinion.

Subtle Expressions said...

Dream job and/or dream man, are a rarity by every stretch of imagination. So stick to the one that is closer to the dream :)

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