July 28, 2011

The Biggie

'It's on the 14th!', she said. My stomach did a deep dive. I knew things were moving fast...but THIS fast?! I swallowed and smiled. Because, really, I couldn't be happier for the girl who has been the rock of my very existence not once, twice but countless number of times. I'm probably more jittery than she is, atleast for now. Lets call her 'My Rock.'

I'm in that stage of my life where all my close friends are tying the knot, or really close to tying the knot or sporting that circle of commitment with a diamond on top. C'mon, you know that everybody goes through that phase. And it's all I can do to start tearing my hair up. Dont get me wrong, I'm happy for my girl(s) and only wish the best for them. But I hate to think they are growing up because that means that I'm growing up too. It's just darn easy to be carefree, frivolous and without much responsibility downing drinks like our lives depended on it, every weekend. I'm still learning to grow up and it's quite a shocker to realize that my girls are 'there' as far as growing up is concerned.

As far as 'My Rock' goes she is everything I'm not. Balanced, sensible, responsible and...well, nice. Not to say she doesn't enjoy my un-balanced, insensible, irresponsible and bitchy ways. Oh, she does. But I hope everyone of you has met someone like her who'll carry you through all good and bad things you face without a word of critique or question. Little did I know, the first time I looked at the 100-watt smile and big curly hair that we'd be starting a story that only has a lot of indelible and unconditional love. That we'll survive, broken hearts, messy rumors, drunken nights and just plain nosy people.

They said you dont make 'friends' at work. BULLSHIT. She is one of the best friends I have today. I may not talk to her for years and I know that when we meet we will still fit like pieces of a puzzle. It's just amazing to me that I understand her so well even when she is nothing like me and vice versa. The day she goes through with the wedding and all, my hearts going to bleed. Okay, I know I know. I'll try not to sound too dramatic. But you do realise its almost like breaking my heart? And when it comes to the Random Us, I'm always a little too emotional. Ah well, I'm pretty emotional about The Messers also (remember the birthday I missed and the whining I did for my friends). Maybe someday I will tell you how and why I named us that.

And about Random Us, well we're just 4 girls who couldn't be more different from each other. If one of them had a blog both of us would have some major copyright issues. But anyhoo, lets keep it about My Rock in this post. And how it's going to break my heart just to see her go and not to have her around whenever I need to share something big or insignificant. But you know what they say about good news? Well, just because its good news doesn't mean it has good timing! Fine! I made that up...but it's true ya'll. But anyway, we'll always share out first love...John Mayer. Sigh. And whenever you're away, Imma listen to one of his songs or just freaking call you!

Here's to you :)


Sweta said...

That's so sweet :)I know exactly what you're talking about..me and My Rock are the same :) All the world of happiness to her :) (and you!)

Mrinalini said...

:) Infinite love to you Pooj! :)

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