December 27, 2011

Blogoversary, Resolution Wisdom, Life List Alert!

Tomorrow is my first Blogoversary! Yay. Wow, we survived people! Also, it'll be the end of another year. Maybe it's just me, but this year went by at lightning pace.

New year always brings with it hordes of resolutions, that more often than not we end up not doing or "breaking." So, I made up a list of resolutions that everyone can draw inspiration from and more more importantly are doable:

1. Eat everyday.
2. Sleep everyday.
3. Don't whine
4. Don't steal other people's boyfriends
5. Never flash a stranger
6. Don't daydream at work. Doesn't matter if owning a bakery looks glamorous in movies, not think about it as a career move unless you can bake better than...well, most pastry chefs of the world.

And here are resolutions you shouldn't make:

1. Lose weight/Go to gym EVERYDAY (please, get real.)
2. Get married by Valentines Day. (Well, you need a person of the opposite sex for that)
3. Stop using Facebook and Twitter. (Ha! let me see you do that)
4. Give up on alcohol. (Who're you kidding? Don't ruin the only good thing you have going for you!)
5. Become Awesome! (Seriously? Do you hear your self. No matter how much you want are NOT on How I Met Your Mother!)

In other things: I finished 6 items on my Life List! The last one being making a full three course meal for family and friends! I didn't even realize until I started talking about resolutions and what-not. There was: Russian Salad, Fried Fish, Chilli Chicken (It happens only in India), Hash Brown Potatoes & Fruit Cream. I think maybe, just maybe it was more than 3 courses. Job well done, good old me! So at the rate I'm going I might be done with my Life List in the next 7.5 years. That's not bad. But then, oh, I'll have more things I want to do...damn! it's vicious, never-ending cycle.

Anyway, till then I'll bask in the glory of getting some things done and having attained the super-power you need to overcome the trend of resolution-making.

1 comment:

Sweta said...

Eat everyday?excuse me? Do you NOT eat everyday? O.o haha I should do the opposite 1.DONOT eat everyday!
OOH I bet it was an awesome meal (DONOT eat everyday:reminder!).so far so cool for you.I need to stop making my dad and the boyfriend guinea pigs of my atrocious cooking ;)
Happy New Year in Advcance :P (It happens only in bengal?)

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