December 20, 2011

Take A Giant Leap Of Faith With Me

It's been 18 days since I've been here. I don't think I've been away from the blog that long since it started. It's going to become 1 year old in a week from now. How time flies. Anyhow, the shutdown was part intentional, part forced. I wanted to get rid of everything while I focused and concentrated on getting that right job. Sometimes it helps to not be distracted... by the internet I mean.

So while I plunge myself into the Road Never Traveled I'm scared, excited and skeptical at the same time. B-Boy is his usual positive self and for some reason my friends (my real friends, that is) have this indelible faith in me which more often than not leaves me flabbergasted. Also, thankfully somehow that last week or so has been jam-packed with events with no time to think about how I was going to tackle the future. Between friends, alcohol, overflowing love and catty fights it's easy to forget things that will eventually come and scare the daylights out of you.

So here I am a week from my joining date, 5 days from Christmas, 10 days from the New Year -  and all I can think about is that what a pleasant surprise this last year was! I remember thinking - Bring it on, 2011! and boy, did it bring it on and how!

There were goodbyes, but there were also amazing, fabulous new friendships forged. There were tears but there were also side-splitting, loud, insane laughter. We were broke but we splurged. We broke down but then we were so, so strong! There were fights but we also made up. This was the year, that gave us a lot but also took away loads, that changed us but also let us remain the same. And while remembering this, I realize it was really all about the faith.

That's what I like about the New Years - it makes you hopeful. That little glimmer of hope that tells everything's going to be alright. So, that's what I'm doing. I'm hoping and keeping the faith and asking you to take a Leap Of Faith with me. A giant leap of faith, at that.

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