December 2, 2011

Weekend Education: Dating Don't Part 3

Dating Don'ts are back to make your lives happier & less traumatic. This time a more advanced state of dating don'ts is in store for you. Let's say you managed to convince some poor fool that you are meant to be together...forever (yikes). You took his/her commitment phobia stomped on it and made it disappear for enough time so as to make him believe that he/she would be really happy with one person for the rest of their lives. So much so that the thought of kids, runny noses, minivans, houses with white picket fence and babyproofing that same house doesn't scare them out of their wits...anymore.

I will take a moment here and acknowledge the awesomeness that is you, because you managed to do something that a lot of people...well, can't.

However, let me tell you for most of you while you're dating - it is the best your relationship will ever be. There are addendums to that rule, but let's assume that is not for you, Ok? So when you're planning to seal the deal with a kiss and a bomb of a ring - here is what you should keep in mind:

Make sure you're alone while you're popping the question that keeps the human race moving forward. And maybe a few close friends for the after party. Trust me you need to do this. You need to remember how good you two are together and how happy you were while doing it. You need you're happiest memory in place for the times you want to throw utensils at each other!

Also, once the families take charge, there's no looking back. Everything goes in lightning speed and there's hardly enough time for you to catch your breath & the whole shabang. So, while you can, get the private moment and save it in your memory.

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