December 26, 2011

First Day At Work

The last time I remember being genuinely nervous and having sweaty palms was in 2004 as I entered my college gates. Today, surprisingly, I was nervous! Ah, Mr. Change, why this kolaveri di?

But once the initial moment is over - it's amazing how easy things get. The best part was I knew everything about the things they talked about, but then, I guess that was the point of hiring me. Also, there is office boy who actually gets your coffee/tea right to your desk...yes, right to your desk! However right in the middle of the work day everything became a major blur...afternoon siesta time. But then I willed myself back to consciousness. It was my first day of work in a looong time - had to etch it in my memory.

However, I was the first to reach work, courtesy Mr. B driving me down. 'No! My baby's not going to work alone on her first day' - he put his foot down & I was more than happy to let him. SO I looked around the office, got an early cup of coffee, made plans on how I should decorate my desk while the others arrived. Once the zillion forms had been filled out and the bank account with 1500 priviledges set up, we had 2 hours to while away. Which is too bad...because all I wanted to do was run to B, who was 3 buildings away and give him a detailed account of how my day was. First day impressions are important!

So, the first day was pretty much perfect and subdued considering I didn't have to battle it against the Delhi Metro. I'll give you an update once I start using it. Because I may be a Public Transport Ninja...but commuting via Delhi Metro is no mean feat.


Sweta said...

Really? harder than Calcutta Metro and Shantipur local? xD (Ihave no idea about the latter :P) I'm glad you had a comfortable first day <3

upasana said...

hi grown up woman!

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