March 12, 2011

Delays and Facebook Drama :)

As usual I'm delaying starting the Project 30 Days of Truth. I can really procrastinate when I want to. I'll get started on it soon, honest!

I love drama in general. I love exaggerating the shit out of things. However, I've never ever changed my relationship status on Facebook just for the drama. I mean I've never ever been in a relationship that I thought was going somewhere. So on Monday when I get the request on Facebook - Mr B wants you to add him as your boyfriend my eyes popped out. I mean I never badgered him at all about any Facebook shit ever. It was silly, funny and cute. It made me laugh for an hour. Well, there is always a first time for everything. And anyways, gotta love drama, right?


AcetylCholine said...

I've done this facebook relationship drama once. Through a cousin's account. Yeah, It was that lame. But solely for the purpose of having a laugh.
Good luck with the.. err drama?

Nas said...

lol ahhh. facebook. The amount of drama I've caused on FB by fraping people 8-).

Drama is just ugh. I'm too lazy for drama.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tai Tai said...

Popping over from FTLOB! I am partial to exaggeration too! But I blame my mother for that - my sister and I both got it from her!! A facebook relationship update always gets tongue's wagging. Classic! Hope you had a good weekend x

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