March 31, 2011

Winning! (Not The Charlie Sheen Kind), Waking Up Angry & Past Relationship Ghosts/Baggage

Continuing from my last post we, Team India, won...WON the India Vs Pak World Cup Semi Finals! Woohoo! Nas, did you watch the game? You said you would! My Facebook and Twitter stream went berserk. Winning and Tiger Blood (not of the Charlie Sheen fame) was the theme for the night. The madness in the streets was unbelievable. See it for yourself! This is a video Akanksha and Upasana took when they went to the India Gate. Excitement is at a a fever pitch!

I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like if...IF we win the World Cup Finals. Phew! Just thinking about it is giving me a cardiac arrest. We'll see what happens. Till then all of us...infact the whole nation is waiting with bated breath to see India lift that cup.

Also, you know sometimes you see a dream that really pisses you off? And you're so pissed off that when you wake up you're still fuming like a mad bitch? Yea, happened to me today. So I woke up and slapped Mr. B's hand...hard. Because! He was being really bad in my dream. WTF like :-|

Being angry at him also made me angry about the fact that I will never be able to go to Goa with him. You know how every relationship has one ghost/baggage from your past relationship? I'm sure there must be something that Mr. B must really hate because he thinks he can't do it with me. As for me that has to be Goa. Ahhhh what a waste of a beautiful place. Never mind, I'll do it with my girls one of these days BEFORE I GROW TOO OLD TO EVEN WALK! Bloody Hell.

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