May 9, 2011

The Chinese Connection

So, you work your ass off. And there comes a point in the day when you think your brain is going to shut down, and you are going to pass out from just looking at another number, calculation or Excel sheet. Enter Mr. Ciggy. With Friends. A whole major discussion on pointless nonsensical things happen in the stair case, below the No Smoking sign. Noooo, we're not breaking any rules. Living on the EDGE, ya'll!

Except, when you are hanging out with a bunch of people who are what they are, you know, work is always snafu type? These particular lose-your-mind points in the day happen at least 4 or 5 times. And then we gather the whole lot and trudge towards our destination, all the while giving mental hi fives to each other about how we'll be living on the edge for like 10 mins!

But this is not about those smoke breaks. Well, it is sort of but not in it's entirety. You see, when you're me stuff happens - like you trip on air, forget your work badge everyday for a week, get locked out of your own house etc etc. So my friend, V noticed that whenever we tried to live on the edge in the staircase we'd be ALWAYS accompanied by some Chinese guy or group, invariably.

And sure enough, every time I walked to the staircase and was about to light my cig, there he'd come. I'm not saying they like me or any such thing. It's just that they are THERE...all the time. And sometimes even when I'm alone. This one day, all these guys were standing at the staircase waiting for someone to come along with a light because they so conveniently forgot to bring it. With no luck of course. As soon as I walked in... lo behold...that Chinese guy walked in too...a light in hand. I'm really starting to believe in this connection, damn!

V says it's because I'm short. And India is beside China. And he thinks when God was in his 'Give These Guys Some Freaking Location' mode he was throwing people down, practicing his aim and all. Which is frankly ridiculous. So all in all he threw me down to be put in China but he'd not mastered his aim I ended up in India. That's just dumb, but I have to say that's a hell of a lot of imagination!

1 comment:

upasana said...

U IDIOT! He is Japanese!!! hahahahahaha

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