May 5, 2011


Did I tell you I am short? Like Super Short? Well, I am. Also, I love being short. I'll tell you why being short is the best thing that can happen to you.

1. Leg Room: Ever struggled with having no leg room in cars, flights etc? Doesn't happen to me! I could very well sit with my legs crossed on a chair and be very...very comfortable.

2. Boys: You will never have to worry about falling in love with a boy who is shorter than you. But, ofcourse, there is not guarantee for falling in love with a boy who's shorter than your expectation! :)

3. Engulfing Hug: If you're tall, you'll never know what it truly means to be engulfed in somebody's arms. Being enveloped in his arms will always elude you.

4. That Smile:  When a boy look down at you and smiles that smile. There is something protective, something exclusively loving about it.

5. Skipping Queues: Skipping Queues because they think you're a cute little shawty!

See? It's FUN! :)

1 comment:

upasana said...

No sunburns either! :P hahahahahahaha... the beams pass over your head!

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