May 3, 2011

Of Quarter Life & Rants...

I turned 25 this May 2. Remember how I said that birthdays stressed me out? Well, I thought this birthday was going to take the cake for sure, what with all the over emphasis that people lay on turning 25 and the expectations we overload ourselves with. Well, guess what nothing of that sort happened! Because my Fab & Out-Of-This-World Boyfee decided that he's gonna change some rules and make this a stress-free, fun-overload day.

Result: Copious amounts of alcohol is still running through all of our blood vessels. It's a miracle that none of our livers cried out for a transplant. And while most people have one surprise birthday bash...I had TWO! I told you Mr. B was changing them rules, hell yeah!

And, no I wasn't stressed. Far from it! I wasn't regretting a moment of anything in my life. I mean, I was surrounded by people who understood me, were like me, and didn't know shit about what to do with life. Hell no, no 'crisis' there! I love my friends, I LOVE Mr. B for knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.

Also, while we were in the throes of celebrating my quarter life The U.S.A decided, 'What the hell, it's a Sunday night, let's make this world a better place and hunt down Osama...kill him, in fact!' I'm happy for the world in general if that happened, though I have to say I'm still kinda skeptical there... I mean no real pictures, no real information except 'Justice has been done.' Whatever, I'm not saying too much. Because it was more than just a manhunt for a lot of people. One friend of mine sat down and prayed and cried for her room-mate when she heard this. It really was a lot more than a man hunt.

Also, I have a Rant to get rid of. I'm really with all of my mighty (or not) existence hating on a girl. Just because, she's so fucking desperate! I mean can you leave your ex ALONE, woman? I really want to call her all kinds of badwords (oh yeah, I could give any one a run for their money) but I promised I wouldn't. And usually, I don't break promises. I swear on my motherfucking existence I will slap the fucking daylights out of her if I ever see her. No, sweetheart (for the want of a badword), your blog entries DO NOT ensure your ex running back to you. And, if blog entries are all it takes for him to go running back to her...well, that'd be the Armageddon of your fucking life.


Nas said...

A bit of a belated birthday to you! :D.
Sounds like you had a right blast.
Keep smiling, keep enjoying life and keep living.
Best wishes,

&& lol @ your rant. That's the shorted rant ever. I shouldn't really be loling *shuts up*

Eeshie said...

What an...interesting experience you've had.


upasana said...

you need to put up the happy birthday mustard snap here just to prove the worth of this post dude!

P.S- hope you had fun <3

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