May 14, 2011

Jigsaw & Olive Theory

Landed in my home city Friday evening. The balmy air, the chaos in the streets, the green lights and colors from the Congress win here saturating the air. The joy at seeing the fam after 6 months over whelming me! The familiar car...The bed...The smells...and, my favorite, the balcony. Biryani from one of my favorite places greets me at the dinner table.

The Limbo: Problem about having a better half who fits so snugly in your life, almost like a glove you always knew would fit like a dream, is that even when you are overjoyed or overwhelmed or just in one of your happy places is that you'll end up finding a moment when you suck your breath in sharply because you know the better half is missed. Not a sad moment. Just a genuine and important realization. It's like breathing. You know you are breathing but sometimes your mind will wander into the vicinity of the mechanism of breathing and for a few moments you will breathe consciously. Ever had that happen to you? Well, it's a lot like that.

It's only uncomfortable when I sleep. When you know that you fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Perfect. Then in a few moments you start breathing in rhythm. Much like walking with your best friend. You will always end up walking in the same rhythm. After tossing and turning for sometime, the fatigue in me found sleep.

Fitting Like A Jigsaw: Not just physically but people tend to fit like jigsaws. We do. You know like Lily & Marshall's Olive Theory? If you don't know let me give you a super quick explanation. Marshall hates olives but Lily loves them. Perfect Balance :)

In our case it's Pizza's. I eat the pizza but I hate the hard crust. Mr. B conveniently picks every single one of them and eats them. Perfect Balance again. And PDA. Mr. B is totally into PDA. I wasn't too into it, though. Turns out he has enough PDA enthusiasm to get rid of my PDA-awkwardness. And Chillies. I will pick up all the chillies from his plate because I love spicy or hot food. Perfecting the fine art of balancing. Except when it comes to you naturally like it was always meant to be.

Here's hoping every one of you have the other piece of the Jigsaw with you.


Sweta said...

Cute :)What happens when you like the same things..but are politically diabolically opposite? World War Three? or polite denial :D

Sweta said...

and you're city is my city!! and you're Biryani is? mine is Arsalan :D

Nas said...

That is as Sweta said, cute.
Lets hope Mr B and thee, are happy for a long long time.

PG said...

@Swetapants: My Biryani is also Arsalan!!! :D
@Nas: thankeeee...and why do u disappear my friend??

Anonymous said...

Been a regular follower of your blog! Loved every word of this post :)

Nas said...

Sorry! I had exams, and a dissertation to write. :(. But I'm back now.

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