October 26, 2011

It's Better To Burn Out, Than To Fade Away

I've had a lot of time to think these past few days since it hasn't been as crazy or whirlwind as my life usually tends to be. I'll be leaving the Big G soon. Next week, in fact. It's a long story that I don't want to get into. But the fact remains - How the in the living hell am I supposed to go through with it?

I mean, technically speaking I've already gone through with it - what with giving in the papers and all. But Big G is the only the thing I have known since college. Only thing I've sworn by. It gave a me a family, a family I chose. Everybody tends to say that when you leave college is when you step into the big bad world of corporate life. It doesn't really hold true when your with the Big G. It is now, as I move on to some other job will I be stepping into the big bad world for reals. But I ain't fizzling out - I'm gonna go out with a bang (or party, whatever you want to call it). Party till we drop on that last. There will be time to brood later.

So, dear reader who may also be recruiting, you are amaz... - Take me by the tongue...And I'll know you ..Kiss me 'til you're drunk, And I'll show you...All the moves like Jagger! I've got the moves like Jagger! I've got the moooooooooooves like Jaggerrrr...

Oh Sorry! I break into songs sometimes. Sorry about that.

So coming back to the point. You're so amazing that I'd catch a grenade for you (Bruno Mars Style). Please give me a job? I'm good. And I have a healthy IQ and EQ (refer to the first lines of the post) and I know how to balance my work and personal life (again, refer to the first few lines of the post) . Wouldn't you agree?

OK, now that's done I'd love for things to look a little better personally and professionally. Because just before I become jobless I'm going to rock-out in a Metallica concert. I know, very high-school/college student-y - but a legend is a legend, yo! Followed by of course the going-to-be-epic first time ever Formula One event in India. Yes, I'm psyched.

Too many different emotions converging in this melting pot of life. Sad, worried, happy, ridiculousness - feeling quite a few things right now. Oh but I'd deal with it (again), don't worry. Just think about that job, ok? And I'll think about that party.

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