October 19, 2011

Things I Wish I Could Say If I Only Knew What They Meant...

1. We're still friends! (how under the holyshittingsky do people do that?)
2. No hard feelings (There are always hard feelings. Always)
3. I'm an Investment Banker. (whaaat do they do exactly?)
4. I don't believe in best friends! (Okay, you anti-social animal)
5. Open Source is the best thing that's happened since Apple.
6. The problem lies in the carburetor or [insert car related jargon].
7. My mutual funds/infrastructure bonds/company stocks are looking bullish/bearish (This is where a lot more insight into what's an 'investment banker' would help.)
8. I want to find my inner peace. (It's difficult with so many imaginary friends I presume.)
9. I have a headache/migraine. (Trust me when I say, I've never had one. Hangovers don't count.)
10. I'm deeply committed. (Everybody is commitment-phobic)\
11. No, thanks, I don't drink.

1 comment:

upasana said...

3, 7 & 8 - +1

9 - WTF!!!!

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