October 3, 2011

I'd Rather Have a Bottle In Front Of Me

Yesterday was a Dry Day. For all of you peeps who don't live in India. Here's what Dry Day means. 'No alcohol will be served anywhere, anyplace even if your life depends on it!' Whattt? Of course your life can depend on alcohol! What about cough syrup huh? I mean if the government had their way they wouldn't even sell cough syrup you know...ooohhh too much alcohol! Blahest Blah.

I think it's to show respect to the day or event that they enforce a one-day ban on alcohol. Now now now, I'm only making assumptions here, because ofcourse I haven't bothered asking ANYBODY at all...because this seems down right stupidity. I mean who the hell pays respect by not drinking. As for me (and most people I know), I become more respectful and loving after guzzling a few. Hehe. But seriously, some delightful decision-making by the Government. 

Also, it's crazy how Mondays make you go batshit crazy. But if you're anywhere close to as awesome as I am you'd go shopping bang in the middle of a working Monday. Hell yea. AND help your boyfee blow up 5K. Just like that. Holy Shitsnacks. Also buy cute hair bands with bow on top :)

Bands with bows :)
Step 2, eat cheap chinese food. I don't think I will ever outgrow chinese food. Ever! I mean any time of any day if you give me an option to eat out and I get to decide on the food...it will be chinese, for sure. And sometimes (If I'm back home) Biryani. I would like to think the-always-going-back-to-Chinese is not because of lack of imagination or exposure but because I really love that cuisine.

Step 3, another way to beat the Monday blues would be to postpone as much work as you can to Tuesday. I mean, sometimes you need to be working against a tight deadline. You know to keep you on your toes and stuff. Helps you step up your game and what not.

Anyhoo, some music for your Monday Blues:

You can't help but love anything that has Jagger in it or Adam Levine for that matter. If you haven't heard this before, I can guarantee you will listen to this on repeat, unless ofcourse if you have no clue about music whatsoever.

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Astha Alang said...

hehehehe..love the bands btw!

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