November 22, 2011

5 Minutes


When a woman says "I'll be ready in 5 minutes" and when a man says "Let me call you back in 5 minutes", both essentially have the same time frame in mind.

So, Dear Men, when you groan, get angry and throw a fit over why she can't be ready in "5 minutes" think of how much time it would take you to "call her back"

And, Dear Women, before you free-fall into depression, become suicidal and decide to slash your wrists because he hasn't called you back in "5 minutes" think of all of the hours you've had him waiting because your ass didn't look too flattering.


upasana said...

hahahahahahaha!! so true. sometimes, it's not even 5 mins - it's like 'I'll just call back in a second' and that second gets over after 3 and half zillion years!

Yours Truly said...

True. Very true. even with boys and texting. they never text you back right away :)

Subtle Expressions said...

Isn't that U Roy's watch :P
Sorry it took up all my attention, but yea i agree to the post as well :)

Nas said...

lol couldn't have put it better myself!

Sweta said...

you said it!
Btw..HEY!I haven't been herei n a long time :)

rigzin said...

..hahaha!!!..dat was an amazing post..
..true to every word..n laced with humor..
..nice write..keep it up.. :)

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